Zendesk Training

scmGalaxy is an unparalleled source of Zendesk courses, training and certification. Our Zendesk trainers and specialists are highly master with more than 15 years of rich experience in the Software industry. DevOps! Which has captured a consequential position in the IT world and has become a vital part of software engineering methodology. In order to ameliorate the software quality, reducing cost and increased the agility for faster release, DevOps and Zendesk is playing very vital role thus finding the unparalleled Zendesk trainers and training vendor is very much important.

Our Zendesk courses are designed in certain method where participants can get benefits with more content in less span of time. scmGalaxy provide their services in terms of Zendesk training and courses online and classroom in India and abroad. We run many public classrooms training program in the Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, India, Netherlands etc.

Zendesk Support Essentials

Zendesk Support Essentials is the right place to start. This course will teach you how your customer service agents can use Zendesk to make their ticketing workflows more efficient and customer-centric. You'll learn who's who in Zendesk, what a typical ticket lifecycle looks like, and tips and tricks for moving your tickets through your queue faster and with fewer touches.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:   

  • Define the Zendesk Big Picture
  • Navigate the Agent Dashboard
  • Locate Content Using Search
  • Create a Ticket
  • Describe a Ticket
  • Respond to and Resolve a Ticket
  • Organize Tickets Using Views
  • Update Tickets Efficiently with Macros
  • Manage Ticket Queues
  • Work with Suspended Tickets
  • Organize Users
  • Utilize Apps and Shortcuts

Ticket Workflows

Building and managing ticket workflows is a top priority for most Zendesk customers. In this course, we'll explain how to capture the right information from your customers at the start of your interaction with them, how to set up the business rules to automate your workflow, and what other features and apps can help you deliver top-rated customer service. You learn to do the following:

  • Select Ticket Settings
  • Add Custom Ticket Fields
  • Define Ticket Forms
  • Add Context with Tags
  • Create Custom Field Placeholders
  • Define Ticket Schedules
  • Describe Business Rules
  • Customize Triggers
  • Customize Automations
  • Monitor Service Level Agreements
  • Manage Business Rules
  • Intro to Reporting
  • Create Dynamic Content/Select Languages to Support

Self-service: Create and Customize your Help Center

Buried in tickets? Do you wish your agents could spend more time problem-solving and less time on information delivery. Take this course on Zendesk's Help Center if you're eager to get your self-service channel up and running. We'll show you how to design and build a Help Center that will attract customers, help them solve their own issues, and put you on the path to ticket deflection so that your agents can do the work you need them to do. 

By the end of the class, you’ll be able to:

  • Create Your Help Center
  • Turn on the Copenhagen Theme
  • Brand and Customize your Help Center
  • Create Multiple Help Centers for your Different Brands
  • Set up and Configure your Web Widget
  • Set Levels of Access to your Help Center
  • Assess the Activity of your Help Center with Pre-built Dashboards
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