Kibana Training

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The course begins with an overview of event data and how Elasticsearch can aggregate this type of data in near real-time. Core Kibana 4 concepts are explored through lecture, labs, and Q&A sessions. After learning the core concepts users will explore a 300K events data set to find insights.


Technical and non-technical audience who want to learn how to analyze their small or big data with Kibana. This course is designed for analysts as well as engineers.


1 day | Class is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.




A Story About Data
Introduction to the Elastic Stack
Understanding Event Data
Log in to Your Elastic Cloud Cluster (+ Lab)
Configuring Kibana Index Patterns (+ Lab)
Kibana Discover Interface (+ Lab)
Elasticsearch Aggregations
Kibana Visualization Interface (+ Lab)
Kibana Dashboard Interface (+ Lab)
Analyzing Apache Log Data (+ Lab)
Search Queries (+ Lab)
Advanced Topics