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Running Native Programs in Ant

Running Native Programs in Ant Ant, while extremely powerful and flexible, can’t always offer everything you want to do. If this is the case, you can use the <exec> task, which can run any command-line program.  The <exec> Task’s Attributes Attribute Description appends Sets whether to append the output to the end of a file… Read More »

A script to find all users who have not set passwords

Write a script to find all users who have not set passwords. #!/usr/bin/ruby require “P4” p4 = p4.parse_forms p4.connect p4.run_users.each do |u| user = p4.fetch_user( u[ “User” ] ) puts( user[ “User” ] ) unless user.has_key?( “Password” ) end #!/ OR #!/usr/bin/perl use P4; my $p4 = new P4; $p4->ParseForms(); $p4->Init() or die( “Can’t… Read More »

Script to list the clients in descending access date order

  Write a script to list the clients in descending access date order (for deleting obsolete clients).   #!/usr/bin/ruby require “P4” p4 = p4.tagged p4.connect clients = p4.run_clients.sort {|a,b| a[ “Access”].to_i <=> b[“Access”].to_i } clients[0…10].each do |c| stamp = c[ “Access” ].to_i ) printf( “%-20s %s\n”, c[ “client” ], stamp ) end OR… Read More »

Steps to Import Module Process by using WinCVS

Import Normally refers to the process of creating a new module in the repository by sending an entire directory structure. Module A directory hierarchy. A software project normally exists as a single module in the repository. Step 1: Navigate to Remote/Import Module Step 2: Define Import Filter Operation… Step 3: Set following basic Import Setting.           … Read More »

The P4Win Window Navigation | P4Win Navigation Guide

The P4Win Screen  The P4Win screen resembles the Windows Explorer. The following diagram points out the main portions of the screen. Each pane is described in detail in the following sections.   The Depot Pane Depot contents are displayed in a tree in the left pane. Picture DepotPane: Some navigation hints: • Multiple selections: Shift-click to… Read More »

Perforce Basic Concepts | Perforce Overview | What is Perforce ?

Perforce Basic connects to a Perforce server to move files between Perforce depots and yourworkspace, as shown below.  The precise definitions for these Perforce terms are as follows:• depot: a file repository on the Perforce server. It contains all existing versions of all files ever submitted to the server. There can be multiple depots on… Read More »