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Perforce Slow Sync issues | Perforce Slow Sync Troubleshooting Guide

Perforce Slow Sync issues Network latency Sync Performance issues are not obvious with locally connected hosts, as the network latency is low. However, as latency increases, performance worsens. To correct the issue, follow these steps on the client machines exhibiting the issue: Network problems: How do I determine if slow Perforce response time is… Read More »

BASH aliases for GIT | Bash Git Aliases Reference

BASH aliases for GIT Following BASH aliases can be used in ~/.BASHRC alias g = “git status” alias ga = “git add” alias gaa = “git add .” alias gc = “git commit -m” alias gca = “git commit -am” alias gb = “git branch” alias gbd = “git branch -d” alias gco = “git… Read More »

Difference between use and require in Perl – use Vs require in perl

|| use Vs require in perl || What is the difference between use and require? Except of course that use is evaluated at compile time where as require is evaluated at run time in other word, A use anywhere in the code will be evaluated when the code is run compiled, but require – import’s… Read More »