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Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers in SVN (Subversion)

What is SVN? What is “branch” , “Tag” and “Trunk” in SVN ? what do you mean by “Synchronizing with Repository” ? How is it different from “Update” ? Difference between Update and Commit ? How to apply a patch in SVN ? What if SVN Update gives Merge Conflicts and you just want your… Read More »

Apache Ant Interview Questions and Answers

Explain the concepts and capabilities of ANT? Explain how to start to use Ant and provide a “Hello World” ant script? Explain how to set classpath in ant? How does ant read properties? How to set my property system? Explain how to modify properties in ant? Explain how to use Runtime in ant? How can… Read More »

Top Interview Questions and Answers of Jenkins

What is continuous integration? Jenkins Continuous integration API features? Advantages of jenkins? Jenkins plugins? Requirements for using Jenkins? Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu and RHEL? Process to take Jenkins backup and copying files? Top 20 Jenkins and Useful Plugins?

Basics of Git and Gerrit | Git & Gerrit Overview | Git and Gerrit Concept

Git & Gerrit As per British English, Git means “unpleasant person”. The inspiration of designing Git is taken from “BitKeeper” and “Monotone”.  Both are distributed revision control system. Git was originally designed as a low level version control system engine and on top of this Cogito and StGIT(Stacked Git) is developed. StGIT is a Python… Read More »

Git Troubleshooting | Git Troubleshooting Techniques

export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push -u origin –all –verbose git config –list & GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push & export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push git config –global http.postBuffer There are useful to debug, long running Git Commands or Git Commands that seem to be hanged for some reason, Git has an in-built functionality for us to peek into what… Read More »

All Possible Interview Questions on Git, Github and Gitlab

What is GIT? What is a repository in GIT? What is the command you can use to write a commit message? What is the difference between GIT and SVN and other CM systems? Answers – Cheap Local Branching Everything is Local Git is Fast Git is Small The Staging Area Distributed Any Workflow Easy to… Read More »

Chef Open Training | Chef Training | Chef Course | Online | Classroom

While these training materials are helpful, they aren’t meant to replace the official documentation, or instructor-led courses. These materials are the same as those used during our public and private training sessions. You can find our public schedule of classes and other events on the Events Page. Let us know if you’d like to see a class offered… Read More »

Chef configuration management | Chef Training | Chef Course | Online | Classroom

This course aims to prepare key development, engineering, and operations staff to use Chef to write infrastructure. Each of the core units in the course has hands on exercises to reinforce the material. You will learn Chef by using it. At the end of the class, students will have a code repository that can be… Read More »

Wise Installation Studio/Express Training & Courses, Online and Classroom by skilled trainers in India

scmGalaxy is a community initiatives based on Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their software development process, Software Development Life Cycle optimization, Agile Methodologies and improve productivity across all aspects of Java development, including Build Scripts, Testing, Issue Tracking, Continuous Integration, Code Quality and more. scmGalaxy group that helps organisations optimize their… Read More »