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Understanding the tools sets in Docker ecosystem

Docker Engine Docker Engine is our lightweight and powerful open source containerization technology combined with a work flow for building and containerizing your applications. Docker Engine is a client-server application with these major components: A server which is a type of long-running program called a daemon process (the dockerd command). A REST API which specifies… Read More »

Working with Ports in Docker Containers

Port expose and publish has to happen when a container is created. Just stop the existing container and create a new one in its place with the added expose and/or publish options. By default Docker containers can make connections to the outside world, but the outside world cannot connect to containers. Each outgoing connection will… Read More »

What is SELinux and how its SELinux used in Docker?

What is SELinux and how its SELinux used in Docker? There are three popular solutions for implementing access control in Linux: SELinux AppArmor GrSecurity Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a Linux kernel security module that provides a mechanism for supporting access control security policies. It is a security feature of the Linux kernel. It is designed… Read More »