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Types of Build in Remote Agent

Types of Build in Remote Agent Build Management tools has one one capability where they can share the infrasture to build the product in less time with the help of Remote Agent Machine. There are following types of build in remote Agent. Distributed processing Build: A distributed build is one in which individual steps in the Workflow… Read More »

Steps for a complete clean build

Following are the steps for a complete clean build: 1. Build project (compilation)—In the build phase, the build system compiles operating system (OS) component source files and produces libraries. The basic unit of componentization in Windows CE is the library—components are not conditionally compiled. Because of this, components can be mixed and matched without worrying… Read More »

Performance Optimization of Build Server | Performance Optimization Guide

Performance Optimization Checklist of Build Servers Build Infrastructure Level 1.  Do you really need to build all source code or only the part of code which has changes? 2. Project should be divided into multiple modules/component which can be build independently and should be integrated when it needed. 3. Understand technology and make use of… Read More »

More Important Build Definitions | Different Build Definitions | Build Terminologies

More Important Build Definitions Reference: The Build Master: Microsoft’s Software Configuration Management Best Practices It is also important for groups or teams to define these terms on a project-wide basis so that everyone is clear on what he is getting when a build is released. Pre-build— Steps taken or tools run on code before the… Read More »

How we reduced build time from 8 hours to 1 hour ? – Complete Guide

Situation For one of our clients, Build is taking 8 hours and nightly build is failing frequently. Test case execution is consuming more time than the compilation. Low confidence levels for developers on nightly builds and subsequently during integration cycle. Approach We reviewed the whole set of build scripts being used and test case suite… Read More »

Build Management Recommendation – Build Management Guidance

Recommendation from Microsoft’s Software Configuration Management Best Practices Build Management Recommendation Recommendation for Defining a Build Define terms in your development process, and keep a glossary of them on an internal build Web page. If you like, standardize on the definitions in this chapter. Clean build your complete product at least once per week, or… Read More »