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Build Forge Concepts and Terminology

Reference – Build Forge uses a simple set of objects to construct descriptions of process automation. This section gives you an overview of key concepts and objects and how they are related. Links to more detailed explanations are included for convenience. Users and roles To access Build Forge, users need to have a user… Read More »

Buildforge common Issues and Troubleshooting | Buildforge Troubleshooting Guide

Know about the BuildForge Server before Troubleshooting. 1. What is the Full version of Build Forge being used (for example Build Forge can be obtained under the console interface by hovering the mouse over the Build Forge icon in the upper left hand corner. 2. What is Full version of operating system for both… Read More »

BuildForge – Exporting projects using bfexport | BuildForge Guide

Location: BuildForge Home Dir – Platform To display command syntax, use bfexport with no options.  $ ./bfexport  Usage: bfexport -l  or:  bfexport [-c comment] [-f filename] [-g] [-s] [-L] [-n] <Project name or UUID> <Version name>  Options :  -l: Lists all projects in the system and their project UUID. -c : Add a comment to… Read More »