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Top 5 Code Editors for the Software Programmers | Best Code Editor | scmGalaxy

This is the age of programming and coding and in the last few years software industry changes a lot. We can see a lot of automation and different kind of tools used by programmers and developers to perform their tasks and projects, and it’s necessary too  because a right tool can simplify your work environment… Read More »

Command line switches of devenv.exe | Devenv command line switches Guide

To see this list, type devenv /? on command prompt /build – build the specified solution configuration   /project – specifies the project to build instead of solution, must specify /build to use /project   /projectconfig – specifies project configuration to build, must specify /project to use /projectconfig   /out – write build output to… Read More »

VI/VIM editor Commands | VI/VIM editor commands reference | Cheat Sheet

what will happen ? “man ls |col -b > ” will give the text file same as man ls. what is VI-editor ? While in vi you can run AIX commands without exiting the editing session. The! creates a shell to execute the command that follows. 1. :!ls will create a shell 2. All files… Read More »