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Writing a Custom Plugin for Maven

Introduction In this article, we will learn about Maven which is a project management framework that provides a configurable approach for managing software projects. Maven covers all the necessary phases that happen right from project creation, building, documentation, reporting, installation and deployment. This article begins with the basics of Maven along with the concepts like Project Object Model (aka… Read More »

Maven CLI Options Reference – Command Line | Maven Command Line Cheatsheet

Maven CLI Options Reference Options Description -am,–also-make If project list is specified, also build projects required by the list -amd,–also-make-dependents If project list is specified, also build projects that depend on projects on the list –B,–batch-mode Run in non-interactive (batch) mode -C,–strict-checksums Fail the build if checksums don’t match -c,–lax-checksums Warn if checksums don’t match… Read More »

Introduction of Maven – Complete Guide

Contents What is Maven? Philosophy of Maven Benefits of Maven High Level Features and Benefits of Maven Download Maven Installation Instructions Windows 2000/XP Unix-based Operating Systems (Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X) Optional configuration Settings Settings Reference First Maven project? What is Maven? Apache Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on… Read More »

EC2Deploy and the Cloud Tools Maven plugin are now available

I’m pleased to announce that EC2Deploy – a Groovy-based framework for deploying Java EE applications to Amazon EC2 – is now available as part of the Cloud Tools open source project. There are three main parts to Cloud Tools: The EC2Deploy framework Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that are configured to run Tomcat and work with… Read More »