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Skill Sets of SCM, Build and Release Engineers

Build / WorkFlow Mgmt Tools AnthillPro Apache Continuum Bamboo CruiseControl Hudson LuntBuild OpenMake Meister TeamCity Team Foundation Server Electric Cloud Others SCM Tools AccuRev ClearCase CA Harvest CVS Dimensions Git MKS Source Integrity Mercurial Perforce PVCS StarTeam Subversion Synergy Team Foundation Server Vault ViewVC VSS Others Scripting Ant Groovy Make Maven MSBuild NAnt Shell Scripts… Read More »

Questionnaire: Access your SCM Process in Project

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1…… General Assessment Questions. 2 1.1     Questions to analyze the development process description.. 2 1.2     Questions to characterize the project application.. 2 1.3     Questions to identify the supporting tools. 2 2…… Assessment on Configuration and Change Management   2 2.1     Project/Development Managers. 2 2.2     Developers. 3 2.3     Testers. 3 2.4     Configuration Manager. 3 3…… Assessment on Build and Release Management.. 3 3.1     Build Engineer. 3 3.2     Release Engineer. 4   1           General Assessment Questions 1.1      Questions to analyze the… Read More »

Roles of CM Users and Views of CM

Roles of CM Users and Views of CM Different views of CM emanate from the different roles and concerns of people in an organization. A simple, typical, CM user scenario of an organization is described in order to present the various roles and the subsequent views of CM support. The scenario involves various people with… Read More »

Configuration Management

By Bob Aiello 2876 days ago Comments (2) configuration management jobs careers Hey everyone – we are having a discussion about getting started in CM – in the CM Crossroads forums Please feel free to respond here, in the forums or contact me directly at Bob Aiello Editor in Chief CM Crossroads ______________________________________________________________ Hi Rajesh – did you actually… Read More »

The Four Basic Requirements for an SCM

Identification, control, audit, and status accounting are the four basic requirements for a software configuration management system. These requirements must be satisfied regardless of the amount of automation within the SCM process. All four may be satisfied by an SCM tool, a tool set, or a combination of automated and manual procedures. Identification—Each software part… Read More »

5 Keys to Automating Configuration Management for Application Infrastructure

One of the trends being discussed in business, among vendors and in the analyst community is the importance of automating the functions performed by IT. Growing demands by the business, tight budgets and compliance pressures together accentuate the need for IT to be more agile, efficient and responsive to business stakeholders. Naturally, vendors rush into… Read More »

Versioning in Software Configuration Management | SCM Versioning Guide

Versioning in Software Configuration Management? Reference: This article has been take out from Book Called “The Build Master: Microsoft’s Software Configuration Management Best Practices” Why Worry About Versioning? Having a good version scheme for your software is important for several reasons. The following are the top five things a version scheme allows you to do… Read More »

Importance of Automation Tools in SCM

Importance of Automation Tools in SCM by John Ferguson Smart Since the dawn of time, people have been using tools to make their life easier. Tools let you solve a problem at hand more quickly and more efficiently, so that you can spend your time doing more interesting things. The stone axe, for example, enabled… Read More »

SCM Process and smartBuild Overview, What is SCM Process and smartBuild?

SCM Process and smartBuild SCM Process and smartBuild from Rajesh Kumar

Software Configuration Management in Pakistan | SCM Practices in Pakistan

Mature CM is cross-business functionality NOT functionality solely within engineering. Software Configuration Management facilitates timely communications; enforces development policies and technical standards along Management of Hand-offs between Environments and Teams efficiently. The practices and procedures for administering source code, producing software development builds, controlling change, and managing software configurations. Specifically, Software Configuration Management ensures the… Read More »