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Dead drop

scmuser created the topic: Dead drop Symptom: A PC, phone, access point or printer is connected to the wall jack and the connection is not activated. The switch port does not show a link light, nor does the network adapter. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Dead drop Cause: Dead drops are commonly simple problems that occur… Read More »

Problem 2 – Can’t get an IP address

scmuser created the topic: Problem 2 – Can’t get an IP address Symptom: The network appears down or inoperable. The operating system may alert that an address was not received from the DHCP server. After checking the network adapter status, no address may be configured. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Problem 2 – Can’t get an… Read More »

Can’t connect to the application server

scmuser created the topic: Can’t connect to the application server Symptom: The application the user is trying to open may alert that it cannot connect to the application server. This can be the case when using e-mail applications or CRM Applications. The common complaint into the help desk is that the network is down, even… Read More »

Incorrect VLAN assignment

scmuser created the topic: Incorrect VLAN assignment Symptom: When installing new services on the network such as wireless or VoIP, VLANs are typically used to isolate this traffic from other users. This requires each switch port supporting these services to be configured for the proper VLAN. If this is not done properly, the service may… Read More »

Duplex mismatch

scmuser created the topic: Duplex mismatch Symptom: With a duplex mismatch, the connection will work, just poorly. The link lights will become active on both the switch and network adapter. Network performance will suffer greatly, with throughput dropping to 100Kbps or lower. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Duplex mismatch Cause: One side of the connection is… Read More »

Slow application performance

scmuser created the topic: Slow application performance Symptom: The application appears sluggish. It may freeze on a certain screen or halt while accessing data. Often, the network is blamed for these issues. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Slow application performance Cause: Exonerating the network in application performance problems can assist server maintenance personnel to take out… Read More »

Printing Problems

scmuser created the topic: Printing problems Symptom: Printing does not consistently work on the network. A printer may appear available, but print jobs that are sent to it are not completed. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Printing problems Cause: Determine if only one user is experiencing this problem or if several people have the same issue.… Read More »

Poor or bad cable

scmuser created the topic: Poor or bad cable Symptom: If the client PC is able to link to the network, performance may be poor. The PC may not be able to connect at all. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Poor or bad cable Cause: In networks today, Gigabit to the desktop is common. Gigabit requires four… Read More »

DNS problems

scmuser created the topic: DNS problems Symptom: The user cannot access the internet or key applications. The network appears to be down. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:DNS problems Cause: Domain Name Services may be to blame. The client PC cannot resolve the name of the server with the IP address of that server, so it… Read More »

Wireless client can’t connect

scmuser created the topic: Wireless client can’t connect Symptom: The client can detect the wireless access point, but it cannot connect to the wireless network. sgadmin replied the topic: Re:Wireless client can’t connect Cause: Security credentials, wireless channel interference, and dead spots can cause this problem. Since wireless is invisible, it can be very difficult… Read More »