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SQL Injection: How to check or test for vulnerabilities

SQJ Injection There are a number of ways of testing an application for vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection. The tests break down into three different methodologies: Blind Injection: MySQL example: http://localhost/test.php?id=sleep(30) If this SQL statement is interpreted by the database then it will take 30 seconds for the page to load. Error Messages: http://localhost/test.php?id=’” If… Read More »

JUnit 4 Test Logging Tips using SLF4J

When writing JUnit tests developers often add log statements that can help provide information on test failures. During the initial attempt to find a failure a simple System.out.println() statement is usually the first resort of most developers. Replacing these System.out.println() statements with log statements is the first improvement on this technique. Using SLF4J (Simple Logging… Read More »