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Introducing Team Foundation Build 2010 | TFS 2010 Training

Introducing Team Foundation Build 2010 Introduction Build Automation Flickr’s Continuous Deployment Why Automate the Build? Team Build Overview Demo: Team Build Overview Machines, Controllers, and Agents Build System Topologies Build Agent Software Installation New in 20102 Build Status and Notification Demo: Build Alerts Demo: Build Notification Application4m 44s The End Game Summary The Build Environment

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Software Development with Team Foundation Server 2015

Introduction Understanding the Feature Path from TFS 2013 Introduction Overview TFS 2013 Update Timeline Agile Tools Demo: Agile Tools Git Demo: Git Improvements Demo: Git CodeLens Demo: Pull Requests Testing Demo: Testing Features Summary Installing and Configuring TFS 2015 Introduction Install Options TFS Pre-upgrade Tool Demo: Pre-upgrade Process Upgrading to TFS 2015 Demo: Upgrade from

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