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Kunena Migration

Before starting the migration: upgrade both the source and target websites to the latest available versions of the component backup the source and target websites Migrate core functions with JUpgrade or SP Upgrade or similar so that user ids are preserved. Export the 24 x Joomla 1.5 Kunena databases with “Quick” and “SQL” options (Note:… Read More »

Clover and Maven working with Distributed Applications

1.       Configure maven clover plugin. 2.       Build the all components with clover enabled. 3.       Deploy the clover enabled build to test server. 4.       Run the tests. 5.       Create & Review the Code Coverage Report. Configure Maven Clover Plugin Configure the maven plugin in pom.xml .If you are having multi module projects; you can configure the… Read More »

HOWTO: Install e17 from SVN/source on Ubuntu

E17 is a lightweight window manager/bundle of libraries for Unix based operating systems. E17 is designed to be both elegant and fast – two goals it succeeds at very well. The only problem is that installing E17 on Ubuntu (and it’s derivatives) is not a very straight forward process if you have never done it… Read More »

SSARC Utility & SSRESTOR Utility – Archive, Restore VSS Project – Guide

Question:  How to Archive VSS Project in Visual Source Safe (VSS)? How to Restore VSS Project in  Visual Source Safe (VSS)? What is SSARC Utility? What is SSRESTOR Utility? SSARC Utility Allows you to archive files, projects, or old versions from a Visual SourceSafe database. Each time you run SSARC (Ssarc.exe), the utility asks only… Read More »

How To Create a Unique SRCSAFE.INI File ?

1. Create a new SRCSAFE.INI file and place it in the desired location. 2. If you want include the default SRCSAFE.INI in the unique copy, add the following line: #INCLUDE <SS path>\SRCSAFE.INI 3. Create the following environment variable: SET SSDIR=<path to VSS directory> (such as SET SSDIR = \\MyServer\MyVSSdir) While it is possible to do… Read More »

How to use ant Script to Reset BuildNumber?

To use this code, you need to have the file build.number containging: major.number=1 minor.number=0 hotfix.number=0 revision.number=0 continuous.number=0 Then the following 3 targets:   <taskdef resource=”net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml”/> <taskdef name=”unset” classname=”ise.antelope.tasks.Unset”/>     <target name=”initBuildNum” description=”Get current build number properties”> <property file=”build.number”/> <var name=”next.major” value=”${major.number}”/> <var name=”next.minor” value=”${minor.number}”/> <var name=”next.hotfix” value=”${hotfix.number}”/> <var name=”next.revision” value=”${revision.number}”/> <var name=”next.continuous” value=”${continuous.number}”/> </target>     <target name=”getBuildNum”>… Read More »