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Difference between jenkins and Urbancode build

What is the difference between jenkins and Urbancode build? jenkins Urbancode build Jenkins is open framework for automating the repeative tasks and has great plugins which can be used to create entire automated customized continous integration framework. Urbancode build(uBuild) is for automating the repeative tasks and has great limited sets of plugins which can be… Read More »

How to Install plug-ins in IBM UrbanCode Build

Procedure Download the installation files for one or more plug-ins from the following site: Do not extract the compressed files. Load the plug-ins: From the IBM UrbanCode Build user interface, click the System tab. In the Server group, click Plug-ins. On the Plugins page, Browse and locate the plug-in installation file and then click Open. On the Plugins page, click Load. Results After the… Read More »

Upgrading from IBM uBuild or earlier

SSLv3 is no longer supported by IBM uBuild or IBM UrbanCode Build due to the POODLE vulnerability. In fixing the vulnerability, there are a few steps that should be taken prior to upgrading to uBuild or later and UrbanCode Build 6.1 and later. Before starting your upgrade, you should do the following: Shut down… Read More »