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Release, News & Updates

Release, News & Updates (20)

Release Updates

As 2017 has started, this the time everyone has tied up there shoes for the New Challenges that already has been knocked the door in 2016. Back last year, we heard from the industry itself, at a CIO engagement, that the biggest challenge for DevOps is keeping Ops a integral in DEV. According to him, to have a successful implementation was to complete cut Ops team out of the strategic leadership discussion. Someone raised the his voice and asked "will you be able to call it DevOps than ?" Without operations, DevOps will remain DEV only. So, Usage could a chance to be hindered Toward absence of inclusion starting with both the benefits of the business also engineering heading as the team initiates and creates the new DevOps Culture.
So Top challenges are Keeping up Silos, Starting for DEV and completion with ops as an bit of hindsight, Treating DevOps as a project rather than a culture shift, disengaging, delegating and disconnecting from the DevOps shift and also, starting with technology solutions.
1. Keeping up Silos - The political scene of an organization could altogether move slow your DevOps activity. DevOps usage might fizzle with figure it out their full possibility quality Assuming that those methodology is as well limited or if it supports the current silos As opposed to surveying how the new transform Further more harder to distinguish Furthermore unite copy sets for figure and information. 
2. Starting for DEV and completion with OPS as an bit of hindsight - People who tried to develop their DevOps strategy within DEV, while not concluding Ops team, got failed. And, till the time operations team comes in picture or pulled operations team into it, time already has slipped out. Scalability, Reliability, Serviceability and Security which comes into operation and are known for expert of these area has not been consulted. Result implementation fell apart.
To ensure success, consult the right people. Seat together and discuss. In order to reduce the political friction that can lead to failure, re-imaging the software development life-cycle process as one technology initiative.
3. Treating DevOps as a project rather than a culture shift - In IT industry where DevOps exists, it become a point of political friction within a company with different teams. This proceed towards often fails because DevOps is a culture shift. Importantly cutting out one team or keeping DevOps in a vacuum does not gonna change the outcome which is Failed. This only increase the friction but also introduce the risk factor.
CI/CD process from development having remarkable impact on the network performance and ISP costs. Treating DevOps as a DEV project will result failure of the project without getting support from Operations and their knowledge.
4. Disengaging, Delegating and Disconnecting from the DevOps Shift - DevOps did not catch on as there was too much resistance to the cultural shift. Technology leadership must stay completely engaged and involved to ensure the success of both DevOps and the overarching Digital Transformation the company is going through.
5. Starting with Technology Solutions One of the important and notable mistakes repeated by various tech guys is focusing on technology rather than customers requirement which results, they end up with solutions that fail to fulfill the minimal requirements for the company to be successful. It hard location this challenge Toward working with its benefits of the business counterparts will get it the "people" and "process" parts former to recommending technology results. An user-centric administration methodology will also help streamline the methodology on distil necessities down of the negligible feasible result. 

Finding Skilledfull DevOps Trainer is one of most difficult jobs whereas most of the skilled ful DevOps Engineer is being hired by Top Startups and Top Software Company in the world! Usually organizationn ask for automation, continuous delivery, and DevOps practices. But without addressing the underlying problems of right DevOps skill, we make poor use of tools, or apply them to the wrong problems, which ultimately codifies and automates failure. Most of the challenges aren’t in poor tools,

but in systemic challenges and quality of DevOps practices. Addressing these issues is a key component of organisational success. 

DevOpsTrainer.in is the portal to list the Best DevOps Trainers worldwide for each country. We follow very strict process of evaluating the Trainers which is listed on our porta

More info please refer the website: http://www.devopstrainer.in/

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  • HTML5Weekly: Those in the know sign up for this free weekly Wednesday newsletter, a curated selection of news about HTML5 and other web platform technology. Fun fact: each issue also contains job listings.
  • Hacker News: Y Combinator’s reddit-style web technology forum is replete with need-to-know news on all things development. Create a free account if you want to participate by upvoting interesting stories and partaking in discussions.
  • Slashdot: Slashdot offers the latest news stories on technology in general and coding in particular. Sort by “popular” if you’ve got only a few minutes to scan some headlines.
  • reddit: Scroll through the front-end development subreddit for the hottest in developer intel, and feel free to join the conversation whenever you’re so inclined.
  • A List Apart: This publication, which has been around since 1998, probes the design, development, and deeper meaning of the Internet in a sometimes mind-bending way, geared specifically towards people who “make websites.” It’s a refreshing destination when you’re in search of richly informative, thought-provoking content.

JOBS: Find high-quality front-end dev gigs

  • Hired: Hired is an online marketplace created specifically for engineers, data scientists, designers, and product managers. Its goal is to streamline the recruiting process by making it transparent to employers and job seekers. Create a free profile (you’ll then have to be approved to join), review any offers that come in, schedule interviews through the Hired interface, and accept your best match—plus a $2,000 hiring bonus from Hired.
  • LinkedIn: No list of job sites is complete without LinkedIn. 332 million peopleuse the site in 200 countries and territories. A few tips to get the most out of LinkedIn: keep your profile current, complete with a succinct, catchy summary of your background, join and participate in relevant groups, advocate for yourself by tactfully requesting recommendations from former colleagues or clients, and respond to invitations and messages promptly.
  • Guru: The Web, Software & IT section on Guru is a goldmine of freelance job opportunities. The public ratings offered by people who have experience freelancing with each company are a helpful gauge for whether or not you should consider pursuing a posted opportunity.

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  • GitHub: The world’s largest open-source community is arguably the most invaluable resource on this list. Share code with friends, coworkers, classmates, and strangers, rubbing virtual elbows with other developers from whom you can learn. Browse interesting projects on a multitude of topics, check out trending repositories, and follow the content your connections on the site are into. Working on your own project? Share it, get feedback, and make changes.
  • Coderwall: Coderwall is a collaborative online platform for developers to improve their programming knowledge and showcase it to their peers and recruiters. You can share code snippets, tutorials, or even thought pieces, and learn from the experts about the latest languages, tools, and technologies. Log in with Twitter, LinkedIn, or GitHub, and earn badges to display on your Coderwall profile based on your career achievements.
  • Stack Overflow: Stack Overflow is like Quora for developers. Browse through interesting questions, pose your own, and chime in when you’ve got an answer to offer. It’s a great opportunity to take a seat at the virtual table and establish some relationships with others in the industry.
  • Geeklist: This social network for developers lets you display your portfolio of work; upvote, comment on, and share links and resources; and communicate with like-minded peers in any of 2,000+ subcommunities on the site.
  • CodePen: On this site you can show off your latest coding creations and get feedback, and further inspiration, from your peers. Browse through others’ “pens” and offer your own two cents.
  • CSS Community: The CSS Community group on Google+ is an active forum for anyone that works with CSS. Pick up techniques, tips, and tricks, answer questions, and check out the content other developers share.

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  • HTML5Rocks: Google’s developer resource is a playground for curious developers, teeming with free tutorials on everything from synchronized cross-device mobile testing to CSS Shapes. You can also browse slides, presentations, and videos from other developers.
  • CSS-Tricks: Brush up on your CSS skills with this all-CSS, all-the-time site. Browse screencasts, pick up code snippets, and dive into forums on topics like creating dropdown menus and troubleshooting responsive images.
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  • Tuts+: Check out this site for tutorials, courses, and ebooks on coding. Sort by paid or free, and filter by specific skill (for example, JavaScript, Ruby, or PHP).
  • Geeks for Geeks: This online portal offers easy-to-understand lessons written by computer science geeks, for computer science geeks. Be sure to check out the “GeekQuiz” section, which tests you on dozens of developer skills.

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  • CodeCombat.com: Whet your coding skills by playing this free online multiplayer game. Create an account, choose your arena, then start playing to complete challenges using your coding know-how. You’ll have so much fun you won’t even realize how much you’ve learned.
  • Codewars: Some have called Codewars better than college. Solve coding challenges using JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, Python, Clojure, or Haskell, progressing through the ranks as you improve, getting matched with tougher and tougher challenges. Compare your solutions with others after each challenge, and discuss best practices and innovative techniques with the community.
  • HackerRank: Log in with Facebook, Google+, or GitHub to compete in codesprints and see how you rank against fellow programmers. Unlock rewards and badges based on your performance in five domains: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Functional Programming, Code, and Machine Learning. Psst: you could even get a job offer. Companies (including Amazon, Yahoo, Microsoft, Skype, and Square) use the site as a technical recruitment platform through sponsored coding challenges and a real-time whiteboard with built-in code editor to conduct technical phone interviews.
  • HackerEarth: The calendar of coding challenges on HackerEarth is jam-packed with opportunities to showcase your skills to your peers and hiring managers. Flex your muscles (er, fingers) with practice problems aplenty, then give it all you’ve got by registering for real-time challenges.

A message from Kristof Kloeckner:

I am pleased to announce that IBM has acquired UrbanCode Inc. UrbanCode offers capabilities for application release automation (ARA), complementing IBM’s DevOps solutions, enabling clients to more rapidly deliver mobile, cloud, big data analytics and traditional applications.

Innovation is increasingly being driven by software, but the rapidly changing software development landscape means that any changes an organization makes to its software environment needs to happen smoothly and without disruption to the creation and delivery of products and services. IBM delivers first class DevOps solutions enabling organizations to continuously deliver software so they can seize new market opportunities and gain competitive advantage.

Acquiring UrbanCode strengthens IBM’s DevOps strategy and capabilities. With UrbanCode’s ARA solution, IBM will help improve our clients’ ability to deliver software, enabling continuous release and deployment by:

This acquisition complements IBM’s leadership in DevOps, enabling greater business agility by rapidly and more frequently delivering applications to market with reduced cost, risk and increased quality.

UrbanCode’s award winning software can help reduce software deployment time from months to minutes, and has helped save some clients two million dollars annually.

Together, we offer the most complete solution available today for continuously delivering software. UrbanCode’s application release automation capabilities will help our customers accelerate their delivery of business critical software with improved quality, and at a lower cost and risk to the business.

For more information about this news, please read the press release.

IBM Rational ClearCase Version 7.1.1 release

This information provides a brief description of the new features and restrictions in IBM Rational® ClearCase® Version 7.1.1
What's New

For a list of new features available in this release, see What's New
The Rational ClearCase Version 7.1.1 announcement is available at www.ibm.com/common/ssi/index.wss. See the announcement for the following information:

Detailed product description, including a description of new functions
Product-positioning statement
Packaging and ordering details
International compatibility information

System requirements

For information about hardware and software compatibility, see the detailed system requirements document at http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?rs=0&uid=swg21302974 .
Installing Rational ClearCase Version 7.1.1
For installation instructions, see this topic in the information center:


Known problems

Known problems are recorded in individual documents in the Support knowledge base. As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated and maintained with new information. By searching the knowledge base, you can quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems. To learn about the known limitations and problems in this update, and any workarounds that are available, see: http://www.ibm.com/support/search.wss?&q=clearcase+RN7.1.1.
iFixes and Fixpacks
To learn about features and fixed defect fixes in Fixpack and iFixes:

Go to http://www.ibm.com
Click Support & downloads
In the Select product or service type for support box, select the software category and then the product category.
Under Choose your task on the left side, click Downloads.
In the Featured download links box, click View all download links.
Click the link for an iFix or Fixpack.

Source: Click here
Apache Subversion 1.7 has Arrived

Subversion 1.7.0 has been officially released today.  With the release of Subversion 1.7 comes the release of Subversion Edge 2.1.0.  This release of Subversion Edge brings you the server binaries for Subversion 1.7.0 as well as the latest release of Apache httpd.  In addition to the inclusion of the Subversion 1.7 server binaries this release of Subversion Edge brings a number of other nice improvements including the addition of a complete 64-bit Windows binary stack.  As with all previous Subversion Edge releases you can simply update your existing installation from the Subversion Edge web console.  There are no other special considerations, the update mechanism handles all details.

I encourage all users to update their Subversion Edge servers to this release so that you and your users can enjoy the new features brought from this release as well as the improved performance and fixes that comes with Subversion 1.7.  Look for updates to your favorite Subversion clients to follow shortly.

Source: http://blogs.collab.net/subversion/2011/10/subversion-1-7-0-released/
Perforce 2011.1 released 11/07/2011

Perforce Release 2011.1 is now available. Check for platform and component availability.

Source: http://www.perforce.com/aggregator/sources/2
Stable CVS 1.11.23 has been released. Stable releases contain only bug fixes from previous versions of CVS. This version includes an efficiency fix that reduces checkouts of very old revisions from an O(n^2) operation to an O(n) one, as well as yet another Windows file time stamp handling fix (bug #22781), and some other minor fixes and efficiency improvements. We recommend this upgrade for all CVS clients and servers!

Please take a look at the NEWS file from the CVS source distribution and the CVS 1.11.23 manual for more information about the changes contained in this release.

CVS can be downloaded from the GNU download server within four hours of this announcement or one of the mirrors after 24 hours or so (make sure to check the '''non-gnu''' directory on the mirrors). (This release may be obtained from Savannah download server prior to appearing on the GNU download server, but please don't use the already heavily loaded Savannah download server unless you have to.) For other ways to obtain CVS, please read How to get GNU Software.

URL: http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/cvs

in preparation for the release of Apache Maven 3.0, the Maven team is seeking your help to discover regressions since Maven 2.x. Everybody interested in taking a preview of the upcoming release for a test drive can get source and binary bundles from this URL:


Before reporting any issues found during testing, please be sure to have a close look at the compatibility notes for Maven 3.x:


If you encounter unexpected build issues, please fill a report in JIRA that provides sufficient information to reproduce and analyze the issue:


The fixes contained in this release candidate since the 3.0-beta-3 release can also be seen in JIRA:



-The Maven team
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