Msbuild slower than devenv

By | December 7, 2017

scmuser created the topic: msbuild slower than devenv
Hi, I’m experiencing performance inconsistencies with regards to build duration when building a VS2008 solution file with either devenv or msbuild from command line.

My solution contains both C# and C++ projects, and I have these results:

devenv.exe (either command line or within the ide): 7 minutes msbuild.exe: 14 minutes

I tried tuning the msbuild switches passing /maxcpucount and /p:VCBuildAdditionalOptions=m# but with no luck so far.

Any idea?

scmuser replied the topic: Re:msbuild slower than devenv
what is the full msbuild command you are running?

As a side point, have you got the build output turned down to Quiet or Minimal? That reduces build time a little…

7 minutes to build in the IDE!! Personally I’d go insane, debugging must be a nightmare

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