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If a linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow, what would you check?

If a linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow, I would divide my approach / troubleshooting into 3 section as follows; 1. System Level troubleshooting a. RAM related issues b. Disk Space related Issues c. Disk I/O read write issues d. Network Hardware issues e. Mount issues f. Too Many process running in the machine 2. Application Level… Read More »

Performance Optimization of Build Server | Performance Optimization Guide

Performance Optimization Checklist of Build Servers Build Infrastructure Level 1.  Do you really need to build all source code or only the part of code which has changes? 2. Project should be divided into multiple modules/component which can be build independently and should be integrated when it needed. 3. Understand technology and make use of… Read More »

Hardware Configuration – What are the Hardware Requirements for Build Server?

Hardware Configuration – Hardware Requirements for Build Server Reference: The Build Master: Microsoft’s Software Configuration Management Best Practices At a minimum, the build lab should have four machines: Server that contains the Source Code Control program— This is your product. Do you really want this server residing someplace where you have little control over this… Read More »