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Tag SVN “Nightly” Builds with CruiseControl.Net

rajeshkumar created the topic: Tag SVN “Nightly” Builds with CruiseControl.Net How would I do a nightly or other scheduled build for CruiseControl.NET without having a duplicate project? In my current config, every 60 seconds, I am checking out the trunk using Subversion, running MSBuild, then either NUnit or MSTest. I would like to commit back… Read More »

Release notes for .net builds

rajeshkumar created the topic: Re: Release notes for .net builds Hi, I have used Doxygen for C++ and Java based project which is best for these 2 language. But no experience with other 2 tools. Based on googling i felt that NDOC3 should suite your requirement as its basically for .net and C#…. Please share… Read More »

Delta Builds ?

saiki created the topic: delta builds ? Hi, Can any one give more info on delta builds? rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: delta builds ? Hi Deepak, Every Project has their own custom definition of build terminology defined. may be in your project the stage of quality of the builds has been defined as a… Read More »

How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins? | Jenkins Tutorials | scmGalaxy

How to Trigger builds remotely in Jenkins? 1. Create a user – You need to create a user in jenkins using you would like to trigger a jenkins jobs from remote loction or script How to create users in Jenkins? Manage Jenkins –> Manage Users –> Create User 2. Assign a right privillage to the… Read More »

ANT Builds and Subversion (SVN) | Ant integration with Subversion guide

As I have mentioned in a previous blog entry, I have come to love using ANT in my development environment. One of the things that I like about it is how well it integrates with my Subversion repository using SVNAnt. If you are not using either ANT or Subversion, you owe it to yourself and… Read More »