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General SCM Interview Questions

The previous chapters outlined the state of CM technology from the standpoint of a spectrum of concepts underlying automated CM, and from the standpoint of the reflection of some of these concepts in commercial CM products. Clearly, no CM product supports all CM concepts; similarly, not all CM concepts are necessary in the support of… Read More »

Configuration Management

By Bob Aiello 2876 days ago Comments (2) configuration management jobs careers Hey everyone – we are having a discussion about getting started in CM – in the CM Crossroads forums http://bit.ly/awKvKA. Please feel free to respond here, in the forums or contact me directly at bob.aiello@ieee.org Bob Aiello Editor in Chief CM Crossroads http://www.linkedin.com/in/BobAiello ______________________________________________________________ Hi Rajesh – did you actually… Read More »

Software Configuration Management in Pakistan | SCM Practices in Pakistan

Mature CM is cross-business functionality NOT functionality solely within engineering. Software Configuration Management facilitates timely communications; enforces development policies and technical standards along Management of Hand-offs between Environments and Teams efficiently. The practices and procedures for administering source code, producing software development builds, controlling change, and managing software configurations. Specifically, Software Configuration Management ensures the… Read More »