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List of Default ports used in OpenStack components

List of Default ports used in OpenStack components  OpenStack service Default ports Port type Block Storage (cinder) 8776 publicurl and adminurl Compute (nova) endpoints 8774 publicurl and adminurl Compute API (nova-api) 8773, 8775 Compute ports for access to virtual machine consoles 5900-5999 Compute VNC proxy for browsers ( openstack-nova-novncproxy) 6080 Compute VNC proxy for traditional VNC… Read More »

Windows Installer Components

rajeshkumar created the topic: Windows Installer Components A component is a piece of the application or product to be installed. Examples of components include single files, a group of related files, COM objects, registration, registry keys, shortcuts, resources, libraries grouped into a directory, or shared pieces of code such as MFC or DAO. The installer… Read More »

Subversion’s Components – SVN Components Overview

Subversion’s Components Subversion, once installed, has a number of different pieces. The following is a quick overview of what you get. Don’t be alarmed if the brief descriptions leave you scratching your head—plenty more pages in this book are devoted to alleviating that confusion. svn The command-line client program svnversion A program for reporting the… Read More »