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DevOps Concept and Process Training | DevOps Training | scmGalaxy

About the DevOps Course DevOps integrates devlopers and operation teams in order to improve collobration and productivity by automation infrastrcure, automationg workflows and continously application performance. DevOps helps You deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps Helps to improve performance… Read More »

Build and Release Concept and Process Training | Build and Release Training | scmGalaxy

Build and Release Concept and Process Training Software Development Lifecycle  In this training, we will understand about the The Software Development Lifecycle and their imporance in Software development. There are following topics which includes Planning and Specifcations: Every activity must start with a plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. The degree of planning… Read More »

Perforce Basic Concepts | Perforce Overview | What is Perforce ?

Perforce Basic connects to a Perforce server to move files between Perforce depots and yourworkspace, as shown below.  The precise definitions for these Perforce terms are as follows:• depot: a file repository on the Perforce server. It contains all existing versions of all files ever submitted to the server. There can be multiple depots on… Read More »