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Remove Control ^M from files

tpatil created the topic: Remove Control ^M from files Single file method perl -pi -e “s/\r//” filename.txt Multiple File Method find . -type f -exec perl -pi -e “s/\r//” {} \; rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re:Remove Control ^M from files I used to do in shell using following command > 1,$s/^M//g Correct me if I… Read More »

RADIA – HPCAE – log files grown enormously

installanywhereExpert created the topic: RADIA – HPCAE – log files grown enormously During installation of the agent, log files grow very large. Maintenance connect increased up to 7Gb. When radskman.exe was killed the log file stoped its increment but PatchDiscovery.log grows enourmously and it never stop up to 10Gb. I’ve already read on other forums… Read More »