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How to Resolve Windows Installer Problem

Installation of a program means inserting that particular program in your computer so that it can be executed properly. Some of the software programs can be simply copied to the computer and executed without doing anything further; they don’t require any kind of installation process. Many programs come with an executable suite, which requires to… Read More »

QSetup Installation Suite introduction

msiexpert created the topic: QSetup Installation Suite introduction 64-Bit Support QSetup 10 is compatible with the following 64-bit operating systems: XP-64, Vista-64, Win7-64. Using QSetup 10 you can create setups that will install 32-bit applications as well as 64-bit application. Windows 7™ Ready! Microsoft will soon release the official version of Windows 7! Using QSetup… Read More »

what is MSI Script and its Installation Modes?

applicationPackaging created the topic: what is MSI Script and its Installation Modes? MSI Script contains 3 installation modes: 1. Normal Installation: Select this installation mode to edit the sequences that are run during a normal installation. This is the most common type of installation. If the application is not already installed when an end user… Read More »

Guidelines for Nested Installation Custom Actions

applicationPackaging created the topic: Guidelines for Nested Installation Custom Actions What is Nested Installation The Process of calling another installation from within the running installation with an Install MSI custom action is called Nested Installation Custom Actions. Use this type of custom action to deploy or uninstall one product from within the installation of another… Read More »

Windows XP SP3 installation question…

deployexpert created the topic: Windows XP SP3 installation question… I need help in suppressing CANCEL button during Windows XP SP3 install. I’m using /quiet /norestart switches along with the SP3 EXE. Are there any other switches to remove/suppress CANCEL button during the install? Any help is greatly appreciated. applicationPackaging replied the topic: Re: Windows XP… Read More »

Appliction Error once Installation is completed.

installanywhereExpert created the topic: Appliction Error once Installation is completed. We have Installer created in Wise Script. Once the installer is over then it gives application error i.e Setup.exe stopped working. I checked the event viewer it say it is an application error and contens of log are following: Faulting application Setup.exe, version, faulting… Read More »