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How to Resolve Windows Installer Problem

Installation of a program means inserting that particular program in your computer so that it can be executed properly. Some of the software programs can be simply copied to the computer and executed without doing anything further; they don’t require any kind of installation process. Many programs come with an executable suite, which requires to… Read More »

Unregister Issues in JMX Interface

scmuser created the topic: Unregister Issues in JMX Interface Hi, I am just learning Cruise Control. I access http://localhost:8000/ link and click on un-register and then this Page is disappeared. Can you guide me how to reset this back to earlier state? scmuser replied the topic: Re:Unregister Issues in JMX Interface Hi I got this… Read More »

Git Troubleshooting | Git Troubleshooting Techniques

export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push -u origin –all –verbose git config –list & GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push & export GIT_CURL_VERBOSE=1 git push git config –global http.postBuffer There are useful to debug, long running Git Commands or Git Commands that seem to be hanged for some reason, Git has an in-built functionality for us to peek into what… Read More »

Buildforge common Issues and Troubleshooting | Buildforge Troubleshooting Guide

Know about the BuildForge Server before Troubleshooting. 1. What is the Full version of Build Forge being used (for example Build Forge can be obtained under the console interface by hovering the mouse over the Build Forge icon in the upper left hand corner. 2. What is Full version of operating system for both… Read More »

MySQL Basic Troubleshooting Guide | MySQL common Issues

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently reviewing this Article. How to check the mysql file location: > which mysql > locate mysql Check mysqld process is started or not? > service mysqld status > “mysqld is stopped” – Means mysqld is not running > “mysqld: unrecognized service” – Means mysqld is not set in service. This… Read More »

Perforce Slow Sync issues | Perforce Slow Sync Troubleshooting Guide

Perforce Slow Sync issues Network latency Sync Performance issues are not obvious with locally connected hosts, as the network latency is low. However, as latency increases, performance worsens. To correct the issue, follow these steps on the client machines exhibiting the issue: http://kb.perforce.com/article/1191/slow-sync-on-remote-windows-clients Network problems: How do I determine if slow Perforce response time is… Read More »

Perforce Network Troubleshooting Guide | How to Resolve Perforce Network Issues?

1. netstat -a Check to make sure that the server is running. netstat -a gives a list of all processes listening on network ports. Look for lines that contain “LISTEN” and “1666” (or whatever port you have Perforce running on.)  If you do not see such a line, the server is not running. 2. p4… Read More »

Deployment Foundation Issues

Deployment Foundation Issues Establish Key Roles/Charter for Deployment The very first order of business is to firmly establish “who’s on first” for getting deployment done. Senior management is crucial at this point for making sure all their direct reports and managers are on board with this and that it comes from the top. I mention… Read More »

How to Resolve Apache Ant Copy and Include Issues – Ant Guide

Question: Why Copy in ant is not working if I am putting includes separately? Ant version: Apache Ant version 1.5.4 compiled on January 8 2005. Program 1 is not working and Program 2 is working.  I guess both programs are correct.. Program1: <copy todir=”${Temp}/uaw/Uaw_compilescripts”> <fileset dir=”${SVNCheckout}/scripts/compilescripts” > <include name=”BuildSh,Compsh,vsamc,buildc.sh,script,compl2,main.sh,makefile,makepl1,script”/> </fileset> </copy> Program2: <copy todir=”${Temp}/uaw/Uaw_compilescripts”> <fileset… Read More »