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C++ basic for Build and Release Engineers

The compiler Compiler is the software that translates the syntactically correct statements of a program into objectcode or can also produce an executable using a linker and the object code produced. An object codecan’t be run directly on a machine since it contains information about the object module in addition tothe machine instructions. The linker… Read More »

Introduction of MSbuild

By Rambabu Muppuri 2810 days ago Comments (3) can u pl help me anyone introduction of msbuild? Hi Guys, can u pl help me anyone Introduction of MSbuild? Regards, Rambabu.M Rajesh Kumar 2807 days ago MSBuild Overview The Microsoft Build Engine (MSBuild) is the new build platform for Microsoft and Visual Studio. MSBuild is completely transparent with regards to… Read More »

Msbuild slower than devenv

scmuser created the topic: msbuild slower than devenv Hi, I’m experiencing performance inconsistencies with regards to build duration when building a VS2008 solution file with either devenv or msbuild from command line. My solution contains both C# and C++ projects, and I have these results: devenv.exe (either command line or within the ide): 7 minutes… Read More »

MSBuild Tool

rambabu1683 created the topic: MSBuild Tool Hi guys, i am new to this forum. can anyone help me about MSBUILD tool with small examples? Warm Regards, Rambabu.M rajeshkumar replied the topic: MSBuild Tool These quicks urls might help you… www.scmgalaxy.com/189-msbuild/229-introduction-to-msbuild.html www.scmgalaxy.com/189-msbuild/161-runnin…ous-integration.html Regards, Rajesh Kumar Twitt me @ twitter.com/RajeshKumarIn

Help with MSbuild 4 and custom tasks

rajeshkumar created the topic: Help with MSbuild 4 and custom tasks I’m trying to build a custom task using the Task base class in Microsoft.Build.Utilitieis.v4.0. I have the task built and compiled just fine but I get this error C:\sandbox\c-wundram\msbuild\TalTrade.Importer\TestImporterTask\TestImporterTas k.csproj(58,5): error MSB4062: The “Importer” task could not be loaded from the assembly C:\sandbox\c-wundram\msbuild\TalTrade.Importer\TalTrade.Importer\bin\ debug\TalTrade.Importer.dll.… Read More »

MSBuild feature

geethusri26 created the topic: MSBuild feature Hi, Can anyone share TFS MSbuild features in ppt or slideshow ? rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re:MSBuild feature Hi, please check here… scmgalaxy.com/index.php?option=com_conte…ry&id=195&Itemid=186 Regards, Rajesh Kumar Twitt me @ twitter.com/RajeshKumarIn geethusri26 replied the topic: Re:MSBuild feature Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the link. Do you have any presentation for TFS… Read More »

Top 5 Build Management Tools

These days in software industry the process of software development very much rely upon best practices of various tools. The software development teams use various tools like project management, release management , test management and various others. As we already discussed about these tools in our previous posts. But, today we are going to discuss… Read More »

MSBuild Tutorial Reference for Beginner | MSBuild Learning Resources | scmGalaxy

Walkthrough: Creating an MSBuild Project File from Scratch How to: Write a Simple MSBuild Project MSBuild Basics Build Your Project File from Scratch using MSBuild