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Perforce backup commands | Perforce backup method

There are several commands and arguments that allow more complex operations. (A command line flag “-z” tells Perforce to use compre ssion.) The commands are as follows: p4d -jc [-z] – Take a checkpoint, rotate the journal p4 admin checkpoint [-z] – Client-side checkpoint/journal p4d -jj [-z] – Rotate the journal p4d -jr [-z]filename –… Read More »

How Perforce changelist number works? | Perforce Guide

How Perforce change list number works? Perforce assigns numbers to changelists and also maintains a default changelist, which is numbered when you submit it. You can create multiple changelists to organize your work. For example, one changelist might contain files that are changed to implement a new feature, and another changelist might contain a bug… Read More »

Step by step guide on PerforceDFiles Tool | Perforce Tutorial

PerforceDFiles Use: This tool can be used to add thousands of files and directory in perforce server on single click which is having different-different hierarchy Prerequisite: Java should install and class path should set. Step1: Put the code under ClientSpec root folder in the same hierarchy which you want to add in perforce server. Step2:… Read More »

Perforce Basic Concepts | Perforce Overview | What is Perforce ?

Perforce Basic connects to a Perforce server to move files between Perforce depots and yourworkspace, as shown below.  The precise definitions for these Perforce terms are as follows:• depot: a file repository on the Perforce server. It contains all existing versions of all files ever submitted to the server. There can be multiple depots on… Read More »