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Environment variables and properties defined in jenkins | Jenkins Tutorial

Environment variables and properties defined in jenkins Jenkins Set Environment Variables When a Jenkins job executes, it sets some environment variables that you may use in your shell script, batch command, Ant script or Maven POM 1. The following table contains a list of all of these environment variables. Environment Variable Description BUILD_NUMBER The current build… Read More »

Introduction to MSBuild – Quick Intro Guide

Introduction to MSBuild Microsoft supported build engine XML-based configuration file Intellisense available from Visual Studio using supplied schema Ships with .NET Framework 2.0, it is NOT part of Team Foundation Server Both Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server leverage MSBuild Command-line utility – MSBuild.exe MSBuild Concepts Project Property Item Target Task Projects –        The root… Read More »

Properties in Maven – List of Maven Properties

Intro It is a collection of things found in the offcial maven documentation and postings to the maven user mailing list. Build in properties ${basedir} represents the directory containing pom.xml ${version} equivalent to ${project.version} or ${pom.version} Pom/Project properties All elements in the pom.xml, can be referenced with the project. prefix or using pom. as prefix.… Read More »

How to access all Java system properties directly?

You could access all Java system properties directly via ${name}, e.g. ${user.name}, ${user.dir}, ${user.home}, … You could read environment properties and use them   <properties environment=”env”/>   ${env.ENVIRONMENT_VARIABLE} e.g.   ${env.USERPROFILE}, ${env.USERNAME}, ${env.PATH} You could pass properties during Ants start   ant -Dname=value -Danothername=anothervalue Also you Ant could ask for input   <input addproperty=”foo”/>  … Read More »


Set properties HOMEDIR in build.xml which will be set through user logged in the current system.. Example: <project name=”test” default=”myhome”>     <property environment=”env”/>     <target name=”myhome”>         <echo message=”My home is ${env.HOME}”/>     </target> </project>

Ant’s built-in properties – Ant Properties Guide

This is a simple example that illustrates how to find the basedir name, file name, project name, ant version, java version, operating system name, ant home directory name, java home directory name, user home directory name and user name. Ant provides you with certain built-in properties that you may find useful during your build process.… Read More »

Command Line to find a Change list properties in perforce server

Command Line to find a Change list properties and associated path of the file in perforce server view: Examples of the command you want: p4 describe 1231928 p4 describe -s 1231928 p4 files @=1231928 Where 1231928 is the change list number.