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Changed, Added and Deleted SLOC

An important consideration for Software Project Managers is whether the requirements are being altered in a given project without their knowledge or consent. The impact of unauthorized or unscheduled departure from requirements can lead to considerable problems in maintaining and managing large source projects. Having received requests from several major C/C++ and Java projects to… Read More »

Tools for Counting Lines of Code in Source Code

USC CodeCount and USC COCOMO- $0 CodeCount automates the collection of source code sizing information. The CodeCount toolset utilizes one of two possible source lines of code (SLOC) definitions, physical or logical. COCOMO (COnstructive COst MOdel), is a tool which allows one to estimate the cost, effort, and schedule associated with a prospective software development project. Languages: Ada,… Read More »

SLOC Tools Comparison | SLOC Tools Differences | SLOC Tools Comparison Table

Tool Open Source – Commercial URL CAST Commercial www.castsoftware.com Sonar Open Source www.sonarsource.org SLOC Open Source -> Commercial http://www.dwheeler.com/sloccount/ RSM Commercial www.msquaredtechnologies.com LocMetrics Commercial www.locmetrics.com EZ-Metrics Commercial http://www.jamesheiresconsulting.com/Products.htm Metrixware Commercial www.metrixware.com Parasoft (Jtest) Commercial www.parasoft.com/ Squale Open Source www.squale.org/ KODERS Commercial www.koders.com PRACTILINE www.practiline.com POWERSOFTWARE Commercial http://www.powersoftware.com/ CLOC Open Source http://cloc.sourceforge.net/ Unified CodeCount (UCC) Open… Read More »