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If a linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow, what would you check?

If a linux-build-server suddenly starts getting slow, I would divide my approach / troubleshooting into 3 section as follows; 1. System Level troubleshooting a. RAM related issues b. Disk Space related Issues c. Disk I/O read write issues d. Network Hardware issues e. Mount issues f. Too Many process running in the machine 2. Application Level… Read More »

Perforce Slow Sync issues | Perforce Slow Sync Troubleshooting Guide

Perforce Slow Sync issues Network latency Sync Performance issues are not obvious with locally connected hosts, as the network latency is low. However, as latency increases, performance worsens. To correct the issue, follow these steps on the client machines exhibiting the issue: http://kb.perforce.com/article/1191/slow-sync-on-remote-windows-clients Network problems: How do I determine if slow Perforce response time is… Read More »