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How DevOps can play important role in System Administrator’s career ?

DevOps is merging the path between Developers and Operations teams. It’s all about the agility and automation. Servers, in DevOps easily can be replaced instead of keeping it and nurture it. Everyone knows that the basic role of System Administrator to Configuring, Debugging and Troubleshooting. They build their career in DevOps, where they have to… Read More »

Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator | What Linux System Administrators do ?

Main Responsibilities of the Linux System Administrator is as follows: Maintaining User Accounts Security Managing the disk space and Backup Provisiom the new Linux Server based on the need Linux Server Updates and Patching Authentication and Authorization Management Trubleshooting of Linux Severs and QA Deployments Managing the Large number of VMS in VMWARE Montoring all… Read More »