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How to create a subscribe form for your rss feed

  Create a subscribe form for your rss feed   Joomla Website with K2 Content https://www.templatemonster.com/help/joomla-2-5-x-how-to-set-up-rss-feeds.html   RSS To email using mailchimp https://mailchimp.com/features/rss-to-email/   RSS To email using hubspot https://knowledge.hubspot.com/blog-user-guide-v2/how-to-set-up-an-rss-to-email-blog-subscription-for-an-external-blog   RSS to email using phplist http://docs.phplist.com/RSSFunctionsInfo.html   Feed Burner http://digitcodes.com/add-a-stylish-email-subscription-form-for-your-blog/

Configure the Knife Command – Chef

We now have to configure the knife command. This command is the central way of communicating with our server and the nodes that we will be configuring. We need to tell it how to authenticate and then generate a user to access the Chef server. Luckily, we’ve been laying the groundwork for this step by acquiring the… Read More »

How to Install Docker in Linux?

How to Install Docker in Linux? Note – You should install Docker using root or with sudo access. Install Docker on Ubantu  # apt-get update # apt-get install -y docker.io # service docker.io start Install Docker on Redhar / Centos # yum update # yum install -y docker.io # systemctl start docker.service How to verify… Read More »

How to install Atlassian Jira using Docker?

Install Atlassian Jira using Docker Download and Run the jira latest: # docker run –detach –publish 8080:8080 cptactionhank/atlassian-jira:latest Then simply navigate your preferred browser to http://[dockerhost]:8080 and finish the configuration. Notes: JIRA Home location: /var/atlassian/jira JIRA Installation location: /opt/atlassian/jira Reference: https://hub.docker.com/r/cptactionhank/atlassian-jira/

How to Setup AWS Credentials using AWS Command Line Interface?

Setup AWS Credentails using AWS Command Line Interface Install the AWS CLI Using Pip Please click here complete installation guide. Test the AWS CLI Installation Environment Variables –  AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY Step 5: Get a key aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key, region from AWS website, under your  Step 6: Setup AWS with key Step 7: Verify details in ~/.aws/credentials… Read More »

How to Implement Chef roles using Chef server ?

What is Role? A role is a way to define certain patterns and processes that exist across nodes in an organization as belonging to a single job function. Each role consists of zero (or more) attributes and a run-list. Each node can have zero (or more) roles assigned to it. When a role is run… Read More »

Jenkins Backup and Restore Process | Jenkins Tutorial

How Do I Backup Jenkins Jobs using Grunt? Backup Jenkins configuration to S3 bash-backup-script for jenkins‘ job-configs via user-crontab Backup and restore Jenkins using jenkins plugins

DevOps Courses and Training | DevOps Training | Online | Classroom

About the DevOps Course DevOps integrates devlopers and operation teams in order to improve collobration and productivity by automation infrastrcure, automationg workflows and continously application performance. DevOps helps You deliver the best user experience possible and benefits your company by increasing the frequency of deployments of your software and services. DevOps Helps to improve performance… Read More »