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Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria

Source code analysis tools: Evaluation criteria Support for the programming languages you use. Some companies support mobile devices, while others concentrate on enterprise languages like Java, .Net, C, C++ and even Cobol. Good bug-finding performance, using a proof of concept assessment. Hint: Use an older build of code you had issues with and see how well… Read More »

Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014

Step by Step Instruction to Upgrade Perforce to 2014 The step are as follows: a) Check if the license is current. p4 license -o The expiry date must be later than the binary release date you are installing b) Verify server archives using the command ‘p4 verify -q //… > verify.txt’ * Note – If… Read More »

Ways to Perforce server Disk Space Cleanup and Repos Size Management

DRAFT VERSION Cleaning up Old Checkpoints Playing with Symlink(Softlink) and Redirecting the ROOT folder to drive where we have enough place. Deleting db.have and recreate it manually Display disk space information on the server using “p4 diskspace” Display size information for files in the depot using “p4 sizes”

BuildForge – Exporting projects using bfexport | BuildForge Guide

Location: BuildForge Home Dir – Platform To display command syntax, use bfexport with no options.  $ ./bfexport  Usage: bfexport -l  or:  bfexport [-c comment] [-f filename] [-g] [-s] [-L] [-n] <Project name or UUID> <Version name>  Options :  -l: Lists all projects in the system and their project UUID. -c : Add a comment to… Read More »

Performance Optimization of Build Server | Performance Optimization Guide

Performance Optimization Checklist of Build Servers Build Infrastructure Level 1.  Do you really need to build all source code or only the part of code which has changes? 2. Project should be divided into multiple modules/component which can be build independently and should be integrated when it needed. 3. Understand technology and make use of… Read More »

How to Integrate Jenkins with SVN ? | Jenkins Integration with SVN Guide

Hi Rajesh, Can you please help me to configure LDAP in SVN,i checked with some of my friends but i am not able to understand that.If you having any document related to LDAP configuration please send to me or you replay here also. Thanks & Regards Sujeet Sahu M:09741939212 Mail id: sahusujeet@ymail.com