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About scmGalaxy Inc

scmGalaxy was founded in the year of 2008 and it is a largest Community of SCM, Build & Release and DevOps engineers who believes in learning, sharing & growing together. Our initiative based on DevOps, Build & Release and Software configuration management that helps community members to optimize their software development process, Software Development Life Cycle optimization, Agile Methodologies and improve productivity across all aspects of development, including Build Scripts, Testing, Issue Tracking, Continuous Integration, Code Quality, and more!

Our mission is to best utilization of experienced brain to serve the IT industry in any way, whether it can be via sharing their knowledge or expertise for free or via training, consulting or mentoring. We are committed to serve IT industry and our participants or clients in any way so that they can keep growing by overcoming challenges and obstacles through the knowledge or support which we can provide to them. From the beginning, we maintained a restricted spotlight on being the best at one particular thing building up a community of experts globally who can share their knowledge and expertise via this platform which can provide a great learning experience for IT professionals.

Today, scmGalaxy is a trusted name amongst IT professionals and students globally. scmGalaxy has built a strong presence in the IT education with the efforts of each and every community members who share their Free Tutorials, Articles, Interview tips, Job updates, Forum Discussion and of-course with the Training, Consulting and Mentoring services for DevOps, Build & Release, Continuous Integration/Deployment and more!

We offer our all training and courses in two modes "Online" and "Classroom" mode which is designed and developed by our experienced team members after all the market research and as per the industry requirements. Our courses are perfectly designed for every audiences who seeking further professional recognition and certification to enhance their course outcome and qualities. Our online sessions are completely instructor-led live and Interactive which can be attended from anywhere globally. We conduct classroom training and workshops globally which includes all the major cities like Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, Noida, Amsterdam, London, Dubai, Dallas, NewYork, Texas, California and various other cities. Find our complete cities list here. Along with that if you want to learn by yourselves than you can go for self-paced learning with the help of quality learning materials like self-paced videos, presentations, quizzes etc.

We empower our participants with practical knowledge through our courses and training programs so that they can successfully implement what they learn from us into their work environment and contribute in the success of their company or organization. With scmGalaxy, you get the intensive knowledge and experience that will help you to take and overcome new challenges, and innovative ideas to perform better in your career. We've been offering our skills and experience for more than a decade now and our participants are doing great job across the globe in their respective domain.

Our Features In Nutshell.

We are honured and proud of our community and all the particpants and our clients who shows their faith on us give us, and give their time and commitment.