Jenkins Training Prerequisites

Prerequisites for Jenkins Training

Hardware - Prerequisites

CENTOS 7: Number of Machine - 1

Windows 7: Number of Machine - 1

Every machine should have 2 VM's with Centos 7 version.
Each VM should be able to connect with Internet and Internal corporate proxy should be set accordingly.
Every VM Machine must have minimum 2GB Ram
Every Base Machine (Windows Machine) should have Putty, Oracle VirtualBox and WinScp Installed
Every Base Machine (Windows Machine) should have at least 8GB RAM
Every VM should have fully qualified hostname which should be pinged each other VMs and Host Machine.
Every VM should have bridge network preferred
Every VM should have static IP setup resolving to Bridge connected
Each Machine should have “sudo yum update” run in full cycle.
Corporate Proxy server:port should be available to use by participants in case of download limitation and firewall.

Software - Prerequisite

Following tools should be installed

CentOS VM -
Putty -
WinSCP -
Following tools should be Copied to Shared Drive
JDK 1.8 - Windows
JDK 1.8 - Linux

Others Prerequisite

Internet Speed - Each Box should have at least 8MBPS internet speed.

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