Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers in SVN (Subversion)


  • What is SVN?

  • What is “branch” , “Tag” and “Trunk” in SVN ?

  • what do you mean by “Synchronizing with Repository” ? How is it different from “Update” ?

  • Difference between Update and Commit ?

  • How to apply a patch in SVN ?

  • What if SVN Update gives Merge Conflicts and you just want your local files to be overriden with the repository versions ?

  • trunk vs branch vs tag in subversion or SVN

  • What is the process to take backuop and restore in SVN?

  • How to setup SVN?

  • How to setup authentication in SVN?

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Apache Ant Interview Questions and Answers


  • Explain the concepts and capabilities of ANT?

  • Explain how to start to use Ant and provide a “Hello World” ant script?

  • Explain how to set classpath in ant?

  • How does ant read properties? How to set my property system?

  • Explain how to modify properties in ant?

  • Explain how to use Runtime in ant?

  • How can I use ant to run a Java application?

  • Explain how to debug my ant script?

  • How can I write my own ant task?

  • Explain how to use ant-contrib tasks?

  • Explain how to make ant user interactive?

  • Explain using ANT and give an small example?

  • How to delete files from a directory if it exists?

  • How to loop on a list or fileset?

  • Why do I get en exception when I use location=”D:\\Code\\include” as

  • attribute of includepath?

  • Can I put the contents of a classpath or fileset into a property?

  • How can I use ant to run a Java application?

  • How to exclude multi directories in copy or delete task?

  • How to use Runtime in ant?

  • How to copy files without extention?

  • How to hide password input?

  • What are the system requirements for Apache Ant?

  • What is IVY?

  • Difference between Ant 1.6 Vs 1.7 Vs 1.8 and 1.9?

  • How we can echo message in Ant?

  • What is dependency? How it is used into ant? What is its use?

  • How we can set the  PATH environment variable of ant?

  • Ant Vs Maven Vs Make

  • what is taskdef in ANT ?

  • What does token filter do?

  • Which separator characters are used in the path-like structures in Ant?

  • What is the purpose of nested argument in Ant build files?

  • Write some sample java “Hello world” program and Now write an Ant build file to compile, jar and javadoc the package.

  • Write a sample build file to integrate with Junit

  • Write a sample build file to integrate with PMD tools

  • How to I precompile Java Server Pages (JSPs)?

  • How do I realize os–specific configurations?

  • How do I add an external task that I’ve written to the page “External Tools and Tasks”?

  • How do I create new tasks?

  • How do I pass parameters from the command line to my build file?

  • How do I redirect standard input or standard output in the <exec> task?

  • How do I get started to use ant? Can you give me a “Hello World” ant script?

  • How to delete files from a directory if it exists? Write a sample build file?

  • How to use ant-contrib tasks? Write a sample build file for the same.

  • How do I debug my ant script?

  • How to use Runtime in ant?

  • Write a sample build file for How to copy files without extention?

  • Explain how to set classpath in ant?

  • How can I use ant to run a Java application? Write a sample program for the same

Top Interview Questions and Answers of Jenkins


  • What is continuous integration?

  • Jenkins Continuous integration API features?

  • Advantages of jenkins?

  • Jenkins plugins?

  • Requirements for using Jenkins?

  • Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu and RHEL?

  • Process to take Jenkins backup and copying files?

  • Top 20 Jenkins and Useful Plugins?

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Basics of Git and Gerrit | Git & Gerrit Overview | Git and Gerrit Concept


Git & Gerrit

  • As per British English, Git means “unpleasant person”. The inspiration of designing Git is taken from “BitKeeper” and “Monotone”. 
  • Both are distributed revision control system. Git was originally designed as a low level version control system engine and on top of this Cogito and StGIT(Stacked Git) is developed. StGIT is a Python application that provides functionality similar to quilt
  • Git is a highly performant free and open source distributed version control system as compare and contrast to other centralized version control systems such as CVS, SVN, ClearCase, and Perforce. 
  • It was initially designed and developed by Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development in 2005.
  • As per the analysis corresponding to Eclipse IDE users, Git has reported 30% adoption as of 2013 in software industry for VCS(Version Control System)/RCS(Revision Control System)/SCM(Source code management).
  • The Stable release of Git is released on August 23, 2013 which is of version 1.8.4. Its Initial release was introduced in the 7th april 2005 . Originally Git is developed in “C”.


  • Gerrit is a free, web-based review tool developed by Google for Android. 
  • It is developed with a git based workflow in mind. It acts as a firewall in front of a Git repository. 
  • Software developers working in a team can review each other’s changes/modifications on their source code using a web browser and approve or reject those changes. 
  • Gerrit works on “Change”s. A change is a set of modifications to various files in your repository to accomplish a task. It is essentially one large git commit with all the necessary changes which can be both built and tested. 
  • It integrates closely with Git, a distributed version control system. 
  • It was developed at Google by Shawn Pearce (founder of JGit) for the development of the Android project. Gerrit uses Google Web Toolkit to generate front-end JavaScript code from Java source. 
  • It is a SSH server. 
  • Gerrit centralizes the distributed nature of Git, while maintaining the advantages of a DVCS, by imposing a centralized workflow. 
  • Large corporations such as SAP, Sony Mobile, Qualcomm and many other enterprises, organisations and non affiliated individuals/volunteers contributed to the review and development of the code-base.
  • The Stable release of Gerrit is released on September 18, 2013 which is of version 2.7.   
  • Originally this tool was written in Python and now this tool is written in Java, Servlet and GWT. 
  • This is a code review tool and now Apache is having its license.
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