Customize changelist description field with templates

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The way most of our customers add additional fields to the change description is with the use of triggers and scripts that add extra fields within the “description” field.…cmdref/triggers.html
As an example:



import os
import sys
import re
import random

users = [ “cpflaum”,”cpflaum2″ ]
user = sys.argv[2]
user = user.lower()

if user in users:
tempfile = str(random.random())
input = open(sys.argv[1], “r”)
output = open(tempfile, “w”)

for line in input.readlines():
if““, line):
output.write(“\n\tMy Additonal field 1=\n”)
output.write(“\n\tMy Additonal field 2=\n”)


os.rename(tempfile, sys.argv[1])

By – Chuck Pflaum <>
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TCP receive exceeded maximum configured duration of 300 seconds

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The error message you are seeing is because the network data is not being received on the client within 300 seconds. This is probably a networking setup, firewall or networking path/saturation problem.

– Does the problem just occur on this client machine?
– Does it occur every time you sync?
– Can you run the following commands without problem from the same machine?
p4 job -o
p4 changes -m 3000
– Is this machine connected via local LAN or using VPN?
– Is this machine using WiFi to connect to the network?
– Are you able to sync directly from the Perforce server?

By – Karl Wirth
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Reopen and revert files in perforce.

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If the perforce user access has been removed/blocked from user table and they have so many files opened. There could be two ways to to revert the files.

p4 -p server:port -u username -c clientname -H hostname revert //…
Access for user ‘username ‘ has not been enabled by ‘p4 protect’.
p4 -p server:port -u username1 -c clientname -H hostname revert -k //… ( tried using differernt user ‘username’)
//depot/rajesh/file1.txt#none – belongs to user username, not reverted

Solution 1:
So I found one solution for it
another user could take ownership of the files. Here’s an example:
Users ‘rajesh’ and ‘kumar’ have each opened a file in workspace ‘temporary’.
>p4 opened -a //depot/test…
//depot/test.js#3 – edit default change (xtext) by rajesh@temporary
//depot/test2.js#2 – edit default change (text) by kumar@temporary

I use the ‘reopen’ command to change the user:
>p4 -u kumar -c temporary reopen //depot/test…
//depot/test.js#3 – reopened; user kumar
//depot/test2.js#2 – reopened; user kumar

As these changes are now ‘mine’, I can revert them (noting the ‘-k’ flag here):
>p4 -u kumar -c temporary revert -k //depot/test…
//depot/test.js#3 – was edit, cleared
//depot/test2.js#2 – was edit, cleared

Solution 2: Add the missing user for temporary and follow the steps as in problem statement
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Error message when you try to delete the clientspec of users
Client ‘rajesh-test-client’ has files shelved; use ‘shelve -df’ to remove them, and then try again.


Some times you may not able to delete client spec and user due to many reason. if user has opened few files in another users clientspec. please follow the steps as given

p4 -p server:port -u username users | grep username
p4 -p server:port -u username clients | grep username
p4 -p server:port -u username client -f -d clientname
p4 -p server:port -u username user -d -f username
p4 -p server:port -u username opened -C clientname //…
p4 -p server:port -u username client clientname
p4 -p server:port -u username describe 662626
p4 -p server:port -u username protect -o | grep jfung
p4 -p server:port -u username protect
p4 -p server:port -u username login jfung
p4 -p server:port -u username -c clientname -H localhost.localdomain revert -k //…
p4 -p server:port -u username clients | grep username
p4 -p server:port -u username opened -u username //…
p4 -p server:port -u username client -d -f clientanam
p4 -p server:port -u username user -d -f username
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rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: Reopen and revert files in perforce.
Problem: One more very interesting scenario where there is no files pending but few files shelved in pending change list.

p4 -p server:port -u username client -d -f worksapce_name
Client ‘worksapce_name’ has files shelved; use ‘shelve -df’ to remove them, and then try again.

p4 -p server:port -u username opened -a //… | grep worksapce_name

p4 -p server:port -c clientname changes -s pending -c workspace_name //…
Change 217927 on 2011/07/13 by username@workspace_name *pending* ‘

rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re: Reopen and revert files in perforce.
How to reverts file opened by Perforce user?
To Revert these changes –
This will list down the files and client’s name where the file has been opened.
p4 -p Server:port -u rajesh opened –a | grep other_user

Now get the host name of the client,
p4 -p Server:port -u rajesh client -o admin-ols-dump | grep –i host

Login as user from super user account.
p4 -p Server:port -u rajesh login other_user

Frame the commands and run it in the given fashion.
p4 -p Server:port -u other_user -c -h revert -k //depot/releases/filename.txt
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Crucial Elements Why You Should Not Question The Ability Of health

reinaldo created the topic: Crucial Elements Why You Should Not Question The Ability Of health
Wellness products means completely different what to families.

Health and fitness can be defined as ‘the hunt for a wholesome, well balanced way of life.
Pertaining to the main benefit of this information, well-being products are increasingly being checked inside context
involving ‘over this counter prescription drugs, nutritious supplements in addition to well being therapies.

Although for a few people, well-being items could possibly be considered the assist in order to retrieval
via disease, regarding some others it is a way connected with further increasing some
part of his or her recent health and fitness. All of the in addition to uses with regard to like solutions
are generally as numerous as would be the the particular definitions regarding wellness merchandise or even well-being
applications, based upon naturally upon who is marketing these individuals at any given time.

Whichever ones advantages of going after choice treatment wellbeing as well as wellness
merchandise, perhaps the most common goal is always to obtain optimised health and well-being.

There are highly effective mass media images hailing the huge benefits and also safety of the many over the
counter drugs, dietary supplements in addition to health and wellness merchandise, every where a person change
these days. They’ve got both equally sturdy boasts of being the best miraculous treatment
or perhaps solution for just one condition or even one more. Just how correct tend to be these kinds of statements although, along with
do you know the authentic fees to you inside monetary in addition to well being risk terminology?

Soon after perusing this write-up, proceed take a peek and start a quick add-up of the
entire cost of all wellness merchandise people already have got throughout inventory. I am just
positive your physique will big surprise you just as much because understading about additionally, firm abs authentic along with
harmful negative effects which may be attributable to some prescription drugs or even nutritional supplements
which are supposed to be causing your general express regarding health and fitness.

You may also possibly be amazed to recognise which lots of the ‘over your countertop drugs an individual
obtain on a regular basis, simply handle this signs and symptoms and not the actual health issue.
As you can imagine, this approach regarding working on the actual indication, side-steps
the key element dealing with the main cause of your trouble or perhaps whatsoever
it’s of which ails a person.

You are most likely to be able to go after the well-being item both since you also have grown to be
wary of the particular negative effects connected with chemically made prescription drugs or perhaps due to the fact you happen to be enthusiastic to help
recover from ill-health and boost a selected health condition. Sometimes the item
could possibly be that you want to optimize your overall express of well being.

Even though overall wellness solutions is definitely an efficient determine towards
improving your quality of life, you should realize that long-term utilization of selected which are non-prescription
drugs plus some products could cause a person much more harm when compared with excellent, while using the long-
expression ramifications considerably outweighing just about any short-term rewards. You could very well know that
that you are spending far too substantial an expense based on only magic pill offer.

For a large number of several years, individuals in lands throughout the globe have used natural handmade
remedies to manage his or her medical ailments in addition to well being requires, with no constructed
overall wellness solutions, which can be detrimental in order to health. They’ve solely counted
on getting or perhaps maintaining health and fitness by simply plants or perhaps by simply some other normal means.
It would be asserted in which with all the victory involving chemical substance and also pharmacological strategies,
numerous varieties of this particular pure means to health and fitness possess dropped. Actually, possibly
by means of today’s expectations, there are several so-called under-developed nations around the world where by
inhabitants’ depend on activities like handmade health and fitness goods,
gained by way of pure strategies to plants or plant-based removes.

Whilst standard drugs relies upon medically reinforced research to help establish
usefulness along with basic safety. In contrast, comparable can’t be explained regarding many substitute
drugs or maybe wellness goods. There isn’t any this sort of prerequisite but their
marketing while value efficiency tend to be regarded as sufficient throughout independently because assist
for beneficial as well as wellness states.

Herbal treatments generally are usually safe, on the other hand, selected promises currently being created by
a few health and fitness goods promoters, (under your over the top to be
‘natural’)) could insinuate the health products becoming your
exclusive response to your health problem as well as wellness queries, hence putting a person
in fantastic risk. Next, exactly how wide open tend to be that they being about what exactly is really within? An individual
would be wise to consult your personal doctor in excess of virtually any health problems, in addition to discussing
using him/her the purpose or even choice of option method for therapy using almost any
overall health item or maybe cure.

Multi-billion-dollar industrial sectors get extended weald the strength by using
lobbying to gain exemption from FDA legislation. This has also been precisely the
event, good Distrustful Inquirer, that, with commenting on
this ‘dietary dietary supplement marketplace back 1994, states – “Since and then, these
merchandise get bombarded industry, issue merely to your scruples of their

The aforementioned level can be an critical anyone to take note as, although overall health
products producers may well checklist elements along with amounts being utilized in
particular health and wellness solutions, there has been simply no genuine stress in it to help
achieve this, as well as to accomplish this precisely. Furthermore, neither of them features there already been just about any
watchdog entire body to be sure they may be penalised just for this declining.

Therefore, consider some of the alternate options open to you? Progressively more, a lot more people
are turning to do-it-yourself health and fitness do-it-yourself herbal solutions.
Your specific variation being of which for making your own health and fitness goods,
you happen to be inside the operating seat. Not simply are you experiencing a full understanding of just
precisely what the particular materials are usually and also the legitimate volumes, nevertheless with the proper degree of
assistance coming from a trustworthy doctor, you might be more conversant along with just about any wellness
significances, if virtually any.

While using the right know-how, anyone far too may bring about the old-fashioned however successful
options to be able to enormously improve your well being. For instance, using obviously well prepared
herbal treatments, nutritional vitamins, vitamins as well as nutritional supplements, necessary oils in addition to floral
essences to generate actual therapeutic solutions of which handle unique health and fitness
problems as opposed to simply just the actual symptoms.

It can be in the fascination of any overall health merchandise companies to enhance their
products as being the merely alternative on hand. It doesn’t desire someone to be familiar with
your plentiful natural means in addition to health-giving efficient characteristics involving herbal treatments and household
therapies which has been applied effectively with regard to 1000s of decades. The thing is, these types of
cures is not trademarked due to the fact you possibly can make all of them oneself and also in a
tiny proportion of the price.

Regardless of whether ones objective is to overcome illness, medicines intolerance, allergies or perhaps for you to
optimise the currently good health, using a tiny know-how, start producing
your personal health and wellness items and also remedies, using activities like the particular
easily available pure assets in your residense as well as back garden. Besides are you going to
save your valuable money, in addition, you minimize the danger regarding severe or even hazardous
additives and also unwanted side effects .

Do you enjoy understanding far more about the best way to treat quite a few common ailments devoid of the unpleasant side effects, using just pure herbal products, supplements
and also nutrition anyone ready yourself at your home? As an illustration, were you aware that
placing yogurt on the face be an aid to carry mineral water through the deeper cellular levels
of the skin towards floor, moisturizing your skin with regard to the rest of the time in addition to concealing

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Determining the last changelist synced to in Perforce

rajeshkumar created the topic: Determining the last changelist synced to in Perforce
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The simple answer is:

p4 changes -l “…#>have”

You need the quotes to avoid your shell doing redirection.

You can trivially iterate over the changes and call “p4 describe” on each one.

You can get a full diff by using “p4 diff2” (assuming you want a unidiff):

p4 diff2 -du …#have …#head

But that doesn’t give you a per-changelist diff.…c-directory-by-non-l…ynced-to-in-perforce…elist-of-a-Workspace
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Reference about P4Python

rajeshkumar created the topic: reference about P4Python…cript/03_python.html…4script/p4script.pdf…r/…m-perforce-in-python…mands-through-python…ginner-tutorial.html…perforce_python.html…-output-with-python/…-changelist-locally/…mands-through-python…ginner-tutorial.html…perforce_python.html…-output-with-python/
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Find new files in workspace in perforce?

rajeshkumar created the topic: Find new files in workspace in perforce?
git svn status equivalent in perforce???
Find new files in workspace in perforce?
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rajeshkumar replied the topic: Find new files in workspace in perforce?
The p4 status command finds unopened files in a client’s workspace and detects the following three types of inconsistencies between your workspace and the server:

Files present in the depot, present in your have list, but missing from your workspace. By default, these files are then opened for delete.

Files present in your workspace, but missing on the depot. By default, these files are opened for add.

Files modified in your workspace that are not open for edit. By default, these files are opened for edit.
To limit the scope of p4 status to add, edit, or delete, use the -a, -e, or -d flags.
By default, p4 status does not check files and/or paths mentioned in the P4IGNORE file. Use the -I flag to override this behavior and ignore the P4IGNORE file.
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Perforce Basic commands with the installation in linux

bhavadeepscm created the topic: Perforce Basic commands with the installation in linux
Hi i am new to perforce and i would like to know the work flow of perforce.

i am able to install perforce in linux and as well as windows.

but i need to know how to install client in linux and server in windows.
i have already installed the client and server in linux. now how to create client in windows and how to bridge to linux?

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Migration of CVS to Subversion

rajeshkumar created the topic: Migration of CVS to Subversion
Migration of CVS to Subversion

There are few links and tools available which will help to migrate from CVS to Subversion (SVN). Plz have alook on this and let me know yours issues.…on-with-cvs2svn.html
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Bug Tracking Tool in TFS

geethusri26 created the topic: Bug Tracking Tool in TFS

Can anyone please share your ideas and experiences using Bug tracking tool in TFS.

We are in process of migrating from Quality center to TFS so I need to know the pros/cons of using TFS bug tracking tool.

If anyone has any documentation please share it.

rajeshkumar replied the topic: Re:Bug Tracking Tool in TFS
TFS is a real power house when it comes to tracking issues, impediments, etc. in terms of a Team Project solution, but using the process templates that ship in the box you may not necessarily find all the features you are looking for, i.e. time management and tracking.

You can have a look on these links……tracking-system.html
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