What are the differences between HTML5 and HTML?

What is HTML?

HTML is for hypertext markup language. Browsers do not display HTML tags but are used to render the content of the page. Hypertext is a special method by which we can roam the web by clicking on the hyperlinks that open the next page. Markup HTML tags such as that by which to open the tags with their inside text and off we can format the text, put hyperlinks, images and more. The HTML World Wide work the basic building blocks for the web. HTML was created in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee, who is also the founder of the World Wide Web.

What is HTML 5

HTML5 was released in 2014. HTML is placed on all over the Internet and updated with more features to make it more accessible. HTML5 is different from HTML, because all its features are supported in all browsers.HTML5 has been recommended by the W3C in 2012. This includes processing models, detailed parsing rules, error handling, canvas for drawing, and support for local storage. HTML5 begins to support geolocation APIs such as JavaScript APIs to identify location, cross-platform mobile application support. HTML5 defines a single markup language that can be written in HTML or XHTML language syntax and supports backward compatibility for the previous version 5.

Differences Between HTML vs HTML5

HTML is an abbreviation for hypertext markup language, a combination of hypertext and Markup.HTML is the backbone of any website because it is a key part of every website’s MAR-end code. The use of HTML markup describes the structure of HTML pages or web pages.HTML5 is the 5th version of the HTML standard that was finalized. HTML5 supports integration of video and audio into the language. HTML5 reduces the need for third-party plugins and deprecated elements.

The most important differences between HTML vs HTML5 are given below:

  • HTML is not supported in video and audio whereas in HTML5, video and audio are integrated into it.
  • HTML is compatible with almost all browsers, while HTML5 is supported by most modern browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, and Chrome.
  • In HTML5, the tag can have only one attribute range and the value must be zero or one whereas in HTML we can have multiple attributes.
  • HTML is unable to handle incorrect syntax and other errors while HTML5 is capable of handling errors.
  • In HTML the tag was used as an anchor as well as to refer to a link while in HTML5 the tag is used only as a computer.
  • In HTML, the tag was used to display the abbreviation, whereas in HTML5 the tag is replaced by the tag which will be used for the same purpose.

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