How To Remove RECAPTCHA From Phone Auth In Flutter Firebase


I have implemented firebase phone Auth in my flutter app but whenever i fill phone no. and click on send otp then it opens a RECAPTCHA verification url in browser by default. I don’t want to show it.

See the below screenshot of popup.

enter image description here


Follow the below Steps :-

Step 1 :- Go to Google Cloud Console, enable the Android Device Check API for your project ( Select the same project which you have created in firebase for flutter App. ). The default Firebase API Key will be used, and needs to be allowed to access the DeviceCheck API.

Step 2 :- If you haven’t added SHA-256 fingerprint in firebase then add it too.

For more information, you can also check Google SafetyNet API for checking Google Play Services installation in device at the time of Phone Authentication.

That’s All

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