Basic Structure of PHP

Basic Structure of PHP

The server executes the PHP script, which will send the HTML output to the browser. Normally HTML and PHP tags can be present. A popular open source general programming language, PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor may be built into an HTML. The .php extension is used to store PHP files. In PHP tags, PHP scripts and standard HTML may be written in any page.

For beginners or pros alike, PHP is a pleasant language to use. We start working with PHP in this PHP Tutorial Series on the first floor. Even more experienced developers who need refreshment are very great to start from the start. Frequently you will realize that sophisticated difficulties are often a fairly fundamental mistake. That’s what makes the fundamentals so vital. They are the foundation for building on your whole understanding of programming. So let’s start getting our hands dirty with PHP today we look at what PHP is, and the history of this some times contentious language.


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Html attribute

Attributes provide additional information about the contents of an element. They appear on the opening tag of the element and are made up of two parts: – a name and a value, separated by an equals sign.

The attribute name indicates what kind of extra information you are supplying about the element’s content. It should be written in lowercase.
The value is the information or setting for the attribute. It should be placed in double quotes. Different attributes can have different values.
 In this example an attribute called lang is used to indicate the language used in this element. The value of this attribute on this page specifies it is in US English.

Note: – HTML5 allows you to use uppercase attribute names and omit the quote marks, but this is not recommended.

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Html tags and its type?

html Tags

A tag is a bit of text that acts as a point demarcation. To create a tag, HTML gives certain characters special meaning: the angle brackets < and >.
Putting characters within angle brackets creates a tag.

<h1> A heading </h1>

tags used

Start tag or opening tag and End tag or closing tag. An end tag always matches a start tag, except that it has an extra forward slash after the opening angle bracket.

<h1> A heading </h1>

tag type:

Container Tag – Which has opening and closing Tag.

<html> ……. </html>
<head> ……. </head>
<body> ……. </body>

Empty Tag – which has only opening tag.

Ex: –



The combination of a start and end tags define an element. Everything between the two tags is referred to as the contents of the element.

<h1> A heading </h1>
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How many ways are there to add JavaScript?

Way of adding JavaScript:

  • Inside head Tag
  • Inside body Tag
Inside Head Tag
Inside Body Tag

External file

  • Inside head Tag
  • Inside body Tag
Inside head Tag
Inside body Tag
  • <script> – Opening Script Tag.
  • src – It‟s an attribute of script tag. It defines source/location of script file.

• dev.js – This is our script file. Where dev is file name and .js is the extension
of javascript file.

• type – It‟s an attribute of script tag which tells the browser it is a javascript.
This is optional now a days.

• text/javascript – Its type of document

• document.write(“Hello World”); – This is a function to display data.

• </script> Closing Script tag

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The 5 Best Online Paraphrasing Tools to Rephrase Text

Paraphrasing – concept  

Paraphrasing is the process of transforming ordinary written information into a more extraordinary and impactful version. It keeps the essence and soul of the original writer’s message, but with the addition of powerful characters who completely alter the content’s outlook.

Not everyone can claim to be a legendary author. Writing extensive and engaging marketing content is a challenge for most individuals. This is where paraphrasing makes a difference.

It elevates a standard piece of material with a significant message into a completely new look with a guarantee of excellence.

Using paraphrase tools can provide you with a plethora of advantages. They’re great at:

 • Incorporating great vocabulary and depth into the rewritten content

• Finding mistakes and rewriting them correctly

 • Giving your old content a new and unique style that’ll be more appropriate and likeable for the reader and conveys your message properly

 • The writing is to the point and not boring or unwanted lengthy and meaningless Copying and pasting is now considered a felony. So you may acquire a unique and up-to-date version of your marketing content by using paraphrase tools.

Following is the list of top 5 paraphrasing tools that can help you rewrite the content


If you’re looking for the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence to improve your content, is the way to go.

It employs artificial intelligence algorithms to transform ordinary information into exceptional content for your users to work with.

It’s effortless, and you’ll end up with excellent content that has a fresh lease on life.

All you have to do is copy the content, and your old content will be fresh new and ready to post in seconds.

When you look into this rewriter, you’ll notice that it has three modes.

• Fluency

It’s the quickest and most straightforward rewriter. It will paraphrase the altered words and display them in strong green text. It only takes a few seconds, and the stuff produced is rather straightforward.

• Standard

Instead of using unique terms, you’ll see a lot of synonyms here. Your article will be free of plagiarism and significantly better than the original.

• Creative

This is the most advanced and creative version of your original written work, as the name implies. Your paper has all of the applications of artificial intelligence, and it is the finest of them all.

As previously stated, QuillBot is free to use, especially for casual writing. The free version has a 700-character restriction for the summarizer, three word flipper options, three writing modes, two sentences processed at once, Google Chrome and Doc extensions, and a 5000-character limit.

The Premium account is great for assignments that require a lot of time.

It has a 10,000-character limit for the paraphraser, a 25,000-character limit for the summarizer, 7 writing modes, 4-word flipper choices, comparison modes, 15 sentences processed at once, and more. Formal, creative plus, shorten, and expand are among the premium modes.


You don’t have much experience and your content is rather simple. This application is the best thing on the Web for learning and spicing up stuff for the reader and user.

Students mastering the art of rewriting are most likely to employ this paraphrasing tool. is a website that can help you improve your writing skills.

You’ll notice that every line and word has modified to create a unique and better content while maintaining the same level of significance.

The nicest part about this rewriter is that all of its functions are available for free; there is no need to download an app or wait for membership. Simply enter your information and select an option to see your desired modifications in a matter of seconds. has all of the tools you’d expect, such as plagiarism detection.

Because there is no language restriction in our paraphrase tool, you can change a wide range of information and formats. DOCS, TXT, and PDF files are all ready in a matter of seconds.

It ensures that your data is completely secure. As a result, your data are in the capable hands of rewriters.

3.    Spin writer

This Spin rewriter is your best friend, especially if you want to keep the integrity and meaning of your marketing copy while launching a new firm. You provide data, and the rephrase tool allows you to spin the material and create a new one with the same meaning but a greater impact.

This article rewriter is an old dog that has evolved, and the current version is significantly improved and useful to millions of users who want their work to be suitable for public consumption.

Spin rewriter has a plethora of resources at its disposal. It not only employs artificial intelligence (AI), but also English as a second language (ENL) to complete the task.

You can access this rewriter at any moment via the Internet. This paraphrase rewriter is not only useful for marketing, but also for high-class bloggers, writers, and students. It’s also highly user-friendly, and your work is completed in the blink of an eye.

It’s a fantastic paraphrase tool for your articles that you may use anywhere for free.

4.    Prepostseo

The first and most significant feature of our prepostseo article rewriter is that it is completely free. That’s fantastic, especially because there are no official registration requirements.

Many content writers, students, and Web gurus use our article rewriter to create distinctive articles instead of boring simple text.

You can use our article rewriter to rephrase your marketing material and gain all of the benefits.

For your convenience, there are four options available.

• Easy

• Advanced

• Fluent

• Creative

This paraphrase tool is incredibly easy to use. You can place your material on the left and select your preferred paraphrase mode, and in a matter of seconds, you’ll have content that’s both distinctive and simply written to your specifications.

The most impressive aspect of this prepostseo article rewriter is that it provides you with different language options rather than limiting you to native English.

The number of formats is limitless. You can select the one that best matches your marketing blogs.

It is not required that you implement all of the modifications it makes. You will see the improved words highlighted, and you can choose whether or not to modify them. You have complete control over your writing.

5.    Paraphrase online

This rephrasing tool is great to transform the content into new outlook. Your old thoughts will be turned into new version without changing any meaningfulness

You can put the old text into left side and can easily get it rephrased. It is very easy to use and pretty straight forward to work with. from professionals to simple students can use it. It is a very beneficial re phaser


We have given you the whole inside into the rephasing and top 5 tools. Now you can use them and they will make your life easier

How PHP works?

How PHP works?

Chapter 1 : Introduction to PHP

The PHP programmer communicates with the website server, which transmits web pages to the rest of the globe. You are instructing the web server in the URL to send an HTML file if you input a URL in your web browser’s address bar. The requested file is sent by the web server. Your browser reads the HTML file and displays the site. You also request a file from the web server when you press a source on a webpage. In addition, when you click a web page button that submits a form, a file is processed by the web server. The method is precisely the same when PHP is mounted. You are submitting a file and, because of PHP, the web server that runs PHP answers with HTML. Through these steps you can stand:-

Step-1:- Client send a page request to the web server.

Step 2 – Web server forwards that request to the PHP interpreter.

Step 3 – Now PHP interpreter will take the Date from Database and response it back to the Web server.

Step 4 – At last Web server response to the client who has asked for the page request.

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15 Reasons why you should have Kubernetes SKILS and Certification?

  1. Kubernetes is the fastest growing software engineering skill.
  2. Learning Kubernetes can help you land a great job, making it a high-in-demand skill for software engineers.
  3. If you have Kubernetes skills then you will almost certainly be in demand from employers, as a new survey from CyberArk has found that IT jobs with the container orchestration tool in the title have soared year on year.
  4. Employer demand for IT professionals with Kubernetes experience is growing faster than candidate interest, according to new data from job board Indeed.
  5. Kubernetes and containers have become virtually synonymous with cloud-native development, driving job market demand over the last four years.
  6. “Kubernetes does the things that the very best system administrator would do: automation, failover, centralized logging, monitoring. It takes what we’ve learned in the DevOps community and makes it the default, out of the box,” said Kelsey Hightower, staff developer advocate at Google Cloud.
  7. Indeed also noted that IBM, VMware, Microsoft, Verizon, and Cisco had the highest percentage of Kubernetes job listings on its job board.
  8. Between October 2015 and October 2019—a mere four-year timespan—the share of Kubernetes job searches increased by 2,125%. Kubernetes-related jobs per million also grew by 2,141% in that same time period, according to a blog post from Seen by Indeed.
  9. Kubernetes is the new Linux OS of the Cloud. Kubernetes is fast becoming the operating system for the Cloud, and brings a ubiquity which has the potential for massive benefits for technology organisations and developers.
  10. Kubernetes has the opportunity to be the servers of the serverless world. We’re already seeing with tools like Kubeless and Fission providing equivalents to functions-as-a-service but running within Kubernetes.
  11. Kubernetes, as a container orchestration system, is one of the best things to happen to DevOps to date.
  12. There is a massive ecosystem of tools developed around and for Kubernetes. Some of the top ones include Helm, which manages Kubernetes charts (pre-configured resources), and Kubectl, a command-line tool that controls the Kubernetes cluster manager.
  13. The open-source nature of the Kubernetes technology allows room for custom tools to be built by developers. This further helps in automating monotonous tasks and simplifying the process of DevOps.
  14. Cloud is undoubtedly the future of modern application development. Kubernetes is fully compatible with all the major cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc) and even has ready-to-use starters on many platforms for easy setup.
  15. Below are the most recent kubernetes salary reports.
    INDIA Average:- INR 969,990/-
    UK Average:- £49,888
    USA Average:- $145,000
    Autralia Average:- AU$110,011
    Canada Average:- C$89,434

Note:- These are just average – there are several factors which affect salary for like geography, skills, company, experience, it varies accordingly.

Day by day demand is growing for Kubernetes knowledge and skillsets, getting certified as a Kubernetes professional makes a lot of sense. However it’s not an easy task to prepare and claim the certification – you may ask for help from the DevOpsSchool team – they have programs available completely aligned with the certification agenda.

An introduction to JavaScript Programming Language.

Do You Know?

  • HTML
  • CSS

When Your Start JavaScript then before should requiring knowledge of HTML & CSS. After that, you can use JavaScript.

What is JavaScript ?

JavaScript is the programming language of HTML and the Web. It makes web page dynamic. It is an interpreted programming language with object-oriented capabilities

JavaScript History

1995 by Brendan Eich (NetScape)
• Mocha
• LiveScript
• JavaScript
• ECMAScript


Where You use Javascript means editor

  • Notepad
  • Notepad ++
  • Any Text Editor

JavaScript and Java Same?

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What is PHP?

What is PHP?

What is PHP? - Quora

PHP is an open source programming and server scripting language that is especially well suited for creating static or dynamic web pages, as well as Web applications, and may be included in HTML codes. It’s used to develop full e-commerce websites, as well as handle complicated content, databases, and session logging. Although PHP is now commonly known as a hypertext preprocessor, it was originally known as Personal Home Page. It was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, a programmer. PHP is a reasonably straightforward language to learn, but you must first have a solid understanding of HTML. PHP works with a variety of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and Microsoft SQL Server, and may communicate with other services using LDAP, POP3, HTTP, IMAP, and COM protocols. PHP runs on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X, among others.

What are the features of PHP?

Why do we need PHP? - Quora

The beauty of PHP is that it is extremely simple for a beginner to learn while still providing a variety of advanced capabilities for a seasoned developer. Don’t be scared off by PHP’s extensive list of capabilities. In a few of hours, you should be able to start developing simple programmes.

  • On a computer, PHP performs system activities like as creating, opening, reading, writing, and closing files.
  • PHP can handle formats, which means it can get data from databases, save it to a file, email it to the user, and return it to them.
  • You can edit, delete, and add entries to your database using PHP.
  • PHP’s main focus on Server-side scripting. If you want to practice as an independent at home, that’s the way forward.
  • Command line scripting is suitable for scripts in scheduling tasks. For simple text editing, it is also handy.
  • PHP helps us communication on all servers, such as MySQL, back-end/database.
  • To get the current date you will use PHP and then build a monthly calendar.
  • The HTML code generation in web browsers is often used by PHP.
  • PHP may be used to rotate the banner advertising on your website.
  • You may use PHP to limit the access of a user to one web page.
  • You may create a login page with PHP for your user.
  • Set up a database with a web browser.

Why we use PHP Language?

Why should we learn php programming language | PHP Zone

You’ve heard of several other programming languages, and perhaps are interested about why we select PHP as our web programming poison. PHP is well documented online and has a robust function structure. The language is therefore reasonably easy to learn and has a big online community. There are a host of PHP techniques and difficulties forums and manuals, so you should find no help if you want them. Here’s a fundamental point.

  • It works on several systems, such as Windows, Linux and Unix.
  • It works for several databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle.
  • PHP is a free open source programming language for anybody.
  • The learning curve is relatively quick in contrast to other languages like as JSP, ASP, and others.
  • The language can be easily collected and used on the server side. It works nicely.
  • This is perfect for creating the web since it can be included into the HTML code directly.
  • It is commonly used in combination with Apache on many operating systems (the application server). It is also Microsoft IIS compatible on Windows.
  • PHP may also be used for the production of interactive websites.
  • PHP also has the benefit of a server-side scripting language, which means that you just have to install it on your server. Client computers requiring server services are unnecessary for PHP. It is sufficient to use a web browser.
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