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Hey everyone – we are having a discussion about getting started in CM – in the CM Crossroads forums Please feel free to respond here, in the forums or contact me directly at

Bob Aiello
Editor in Chief
CM Crossroads


Hi Rajesh – did you actually “test” the link, that I posted, before saying that it was “illegal”. It resolves just fine and it points to an active discussion on Getting Started in Configuration Management.

Hi bagaloreorbit – I DID SAY “Please feel free to respond here…” – didn’t I???? Gentlemen – I have been promoting Configuration Management in virtual communities for many many years. CM professionals are true corporate citizens who share their knowledge and expertise. Let’s model that corporate citizenship. Feel free to send me an email directly at or on skype: BobAiello.


  • Rajesh Kumar

    Rajesh Kumar 

    Hi Robert,

    the link which you have given for CM crossroads is false. I would request you to correct the link as soon as possible. its violating the community rules as you are providing false link.

    cm Crossroads link

  • bangaloreorbit


    This is Short url to cm-crosswords.

    Robert, I guess we can discuss here same topics instead of moving multiple platform 🙁

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