%~dp0 VS %cd%

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Use of %~dp0 and Use of %cd%

They are not equivalent.

%cd% is available either to a batch file or at the command prompt and expands to the drive letter and path of the current directory (which can change e.g. by using the CD command)

%~dp0 is only available within a batch file and expands to the drive letter and path in which that batch file is located (which cannot change). It is obtained from %0 which is the batch file’s name.

An experiment like the following shows the difference

Here is D:\dirshow.bat:

@echo off
echo this is %%cd%% %cd%
echo this is %%~dp0 %~dp0

Run it from C:\ and this is what you see

this is %cd% C:\
this is %~dp0 D:\

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