Perl Training


scmGalaxy is a best contributor of Perl courses, training and certification. Our Perl trainers and advisers are highly equipped with more than 15 years of rich experience in the Software industry. DevOps! Which has captured a noteworthy position in the IT world and has become a key part of software engineering methodology. In order to better the software quality, reducing cost and increased the agility for faster release, DevOps and Perl is playing very key role thus finding the best Perl trainers and training vendor is very much important.

Our Perl courses are designed in certain method where participants can get benefits with more content in less span of time. scmGalaxy provide their services in terms of Perl training and courses online and classroom in India and abroad. We run many public classrooms training program in the Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, India, Netherlands etc.


After completion of the Perl Scripting Course at scmGalaxy you would be able to:

  • ✔ Understand and master the Basic and Advanced Concepts of Perl
  • ✔ Understand the concepts of file handing and directory handling
  • ✔ Figure out how to define and utilize the subroutines, data structures and functions
  • ✔ Master the concepts of Loops, Variables, Operators & Regular expression in Perl
  • ✔ Learn to write Complex data structure for faster data processing
  • ✔ Learn to create and use the Perl packages for code decomposition paradigm
  • ✔ Learn and Master the Object Oriented Perl and Modern Perl
  • ✔ Learn the installation and use of CPAN modules
  • ✔ Master the web scraping, database interface and multithreading in Perl
  • Pre-requisites

    Basic knowledge of computer programming in any language.


  • ✔ 8 Hours (4 hours lecture & Demo, 4 Hours Lab) instructor led online class
  • ✔ Hands on Approach - We emphasize on learning by doing.
  • ✔ Life time free re-enrollment to future Perl courses
  • ✔ Life time free access to all learning materials including
  • ✔ Class recordings
  • ✔ Presentations
  • ✔ Sample Code
  • ✔ Projects
  • ✔ Total Lab Infrastructure in cloud and 24x7 available
  • ✔ 70% of the class is consist of Lab
  • ✔ Assignments with personal assistance
  • ✔ Real time scenario based projects with standard evaluation
  • ✔ 24x7 online support to queries during and after the course completion
  • ✔ Help for Interview preparations
  • Agenda

    1. Perl Quick-Start Guide for Experienced Programmers
    Hello World
    Counting lines in a file
    Using a loop in Perl
    Using subroutines in Perl
    Using Perl's documentation
    2. General Syntax
    Understanding how Perl uses whitespace
    Terminating statements with semicolons
    Creating comments
    Best practices for formatting code
    3. Variables and Values
    Understanding values and variables
    Declaring numeric variables
    Declaring character string variables
    Declaring lists and arrays
    Pulling slices from arrays
    Understanding hashes and associative arrays
    Getting value pairs using the each function
    Understanding the undef value
    4. Statements and Blocks
    Assigning values to variables
    Using statements and expressions
    Combining statements into blocks
    Understanding scope
    5. Conditional Statements
    Understanding conditional statements
    Creating conditionals with if
    Extending conditionals with else
    Extending conditionals with elsif
    Building if statements with postfix conditionals
    Creating negative conditionals with unless
    Using the ternary conditional operator
    6. Loops
    Understanding loops
    Creating loops with while
    Creating loops with until
    Iterating lists with foreach
    Iterating lists with for
    Using loop control statements
    Building loops with postfix statements
    7. Special Variables
    Understanding special variables
    Using special variables
    Working with special file handles
    Using special constants
    8. Operators
    Performing basic math with arithmetic operators
    Creating conditionals with comparison operators
    Combining conditionals with logical operators
    Reading file metadata with file test operators
    Creating a sequence with the range operator
    Combining strings with the concatenation operator
    Streamlining strings with quote operators
    Understanding operator precedence
    9. Regular Expressions
    Understanding regular expressions
    Searching and replacing text with regular expressions
    Extracting matches with parentheses
    Matching wildcards
    Matching classes of characters
    Creating arrays with split
    10. Subroutines
    Understanding subroutines
    Defining and calling subroutines
    Using arguments with subroutines
    Understanding scope and "my" variables
    Returning values from a subroutine
    11. References and Data Structures
    Understanding values and references
    Defining array references
    Defining hash references
    Building mixed data structures
    12. File I/O
    Understanding streams and files
    Using file handles
    Using the object-oriented interface for handling files
    Working with binary files
    13. Built-In Functions
    Manipulating strings with built-in functions
    Working with numbers
    Manipulating lists and arrays with built-in functions
    Retrieving and formatting time
    14. Modules
    Leveraging code with modules
    Understanding object-oriented and procedural modules
    Creating modules
    Understanding object and instance data
    Installing modules from CPAN on Mac and Unix
    Installing modules from CPAN on Windows
    15. Documentation with POD
    Understanding POD
    Documenting with POD
    Exploring a POD document
    16. New Features in Perl 5.10
    Using Perl 5.10
    Displaying text with say
    Selecting from multiple choices with given and when
    Keeping persistent variables with state
    17. Exploring Web Development
    Exploring CGI
    Using a database
    Developing a module library

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