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DevOps is establishing position in the industry day by day. This is the reason the demands of DevOps professionals is growing simultaneously. But, it is not necessary that a DevOps professional knows every tool or can perform task on every tools. Every organizations implement different-different DevOps toolsets according to their requirements or projects demands and it is not necessary that a professionals who are already working, they have the knowledge to use all the tools or they can take mastery in any new tool overnight. In many cases when DevOps professionals assigned with some task specially with new tools which they dont understand very well, they stuck some where in the project often. Which is absolutely not good for your Carrer growth or company growth.

To help you with this problem scmGalaxy starts Job support services with the help of expert trainers, mentors and coaches. We have pool of experienced scm, Build & Release and DevOps experts, mentors and coaches who has minimum 15 yrs of experience. If you are facing any problem in performing your DevOps task assigned to you or related to any mentioned tools below then scmGlaxy is just a call away to help you. We provide DevOps Online Job Support for professionals to help them perform their DevOps task or every task which is related to below mentioned tools very smoothly and efficiently. We mentioned each tools name below for which we can provide you support.

Support Mode - Phone

  • Charges - INR 1000/- per hour only - This support will be provided by phone calls only

  • Support Mode - Email & Forum

    This module is one of the great way to get Support or Job Support from our team of expert DevOps mentors, coaches & instructors. You can be a member of our scmGalaxy DevOps support group/forum and post your queries to our Group/Forum where you will get guaranteed support for the issues you will post here. But for that you need to pay a minimum fee or I can say investment you can make with a guarantee of returns with lifetime membership

  • Charges - INR 5000/- Only (Life time enrollment. *Conditions Apply)

  • Group/Forum Charges - INR 5000/- Get Membership Now

    Support Mode - Live & Interactive

    Our team of highly experienced DevOps experts are confident enough and ready to take any challenges and able to fix or resolve any issues which you are facing in your DevOps project in your Job or workplace. Whenever you will stuck somewhere in the Job or project and you seeking help from expert DevOps mentors you can contact us our team will be there to provide you Support. No matter in which country you live or work becuase this support will be live and interactive by using GotoMeeting or Webex. Find our Job Support Charges Below:

    Build Management Tools

    Package & Repository Management Tools
    Configuration Management Tools
    Virtualization and Container Based Tools
    Issues and Bug Tracking Tools
    DevOps Monitoring Tools

    Some other tools
    Some other tools
    Some other tools
    Some other tools

    We follow very simple process for DevOps job support

  • Call/Email us (+91 700 483 5930 | for the Job support query
  • We will receive your enquiry and will forward to our experts.
  • After that our experts will look on your requirements, if they need further details they will ask you for or they will call you to understand your complete          requirement and the tools you are using.
  • If our experts is 100% confident and available in taking up your requirement, then only we will agree to provide service and you have to make the payment     to get the service from us.
  • We will fix the timing for the Online Job Support as mutually agreed by you and our experts.