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Virtualization is creation of the virtual version of a device or resource such as operating system, server, storage device or network resources. It is a key technology used in data centers to optimise resources; there are versatile functions and applications of virtualization. This process is used to include new features into the operating systems quite easily. It also facilitates ease in tasks such as system migration, backup and recovery. Virtualization is an important concept in building secure computing platforms. Moreover, virtualization is evolving the concept of virtual machines, these virtual machines are used to create operating systems or run multiple operating systems simultaneously. These machines are also used to consolidate the work loads of several servers that are utilised less to fewer machines and even to single machine in the process known as server consolidation. virtualization is a process included by large IT corporate organisations such as Dell, Oracle and Microsoft. Oracle designs a variety of server virtualization products that support workloads of OS such as Linux, Windows and Oracle Solaris. Data virtualization is also gaining importance as a certain type of virtualisation besides network virtualization, server virtualisation, storage virtualization and operating system virtualization. The data virtualization is a data integration approach used in organisations to access all the data they require instantly as they require it. It is used by business leaders, consumers, integration developers or IT leaders in business and IT organisations. Operating System virtualization is another type of virtualization; this server virtualization allows multiple isolated user space instances instead of one.

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