Certified DevSecOps Engineer Training and Certification


The Certified DevSecOps Engineer course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to integrate security into DevOps practices effectively. This comprehensive training program covers essential concepts, tools, and techniques for implementing DevSecOps principles to enhance the security posture of software development and delivery pipelines.

Course Features

  • Hands-on training with real-world scenarios and projects
  • Expert-led sessions by industry professionals
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of DevSecOps
  • Practical exercises and case studies for better understanding
  • Access to course materials and resources for future reference
  • Certification exam to validate knowledge and skills

Training Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Understand the principles and importance of DevSecOps
  • Implement security throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Secure CI/CD pipelines and automate security checks
  • Apply security best practices in infrastructure as code (IaC)
  • Monitor for security threats and respond to incidents effectively

Target Audience

This course is suitable for:

  • DevOps engineers
  • Security professionals
  • Software developers
  • System administrators
  • IT professionals interested in DevSecOps practices

Training Methodology

Our training methodology emphasizes practical learning and interactive sessions. The course includes:

  • Lectures: In-depth explanations of concepts and principles by experienced trainers.
  • Hands-on Labs: Practical exercises and real-world scenarios to reinforce learning.
  • Case Studies: Analysis of real-world DevSecOps implementations and best practices.
  • Group Discussions: Collaborative learning through discussions and knowledge sharing.
  • Q&A Sessions: Opportunities to clarify doubts and engage with the instructor.
  • Final Project: Application of learned concepts in a real-world project scenario.

Participants will have access to course materials and resources, including recordings of sessions, for ongoing learning and reference.

Daywise Agenda

  • Day 1: Introduction to DevSecOps
    • Understanding DevSecOps principles
    • Importance of integrating security into DevOps practices
    • Tools and technologies overview
  • Day 2: Security in Continuous Integration
    • Implementing secure CI pipelines
    • Code scanning and vulnerability assessment
    • Automated security testing
  • Day 3: Security in Continuous Delivery
    • Secure containerization and orchestration
    • Implementing secure deployment pipelines
    • Automated security checks in CD pipelines
  • Day 4: Infrastructure as Code Security
    • Managing infrastructure securely with code
    • Security best practices for configuration management
    • Implementing security controls in IaC
  • Day 5: Monitoring and Incident Response
    • Implementing security monitoring in DevOps pipelines
    • Incident response and handling in DevSecOps
    • Security incident management and post-mortem analysis
  • Day 6: Final Project and Certification Exam

Trainers (Rajesh Kumar)

Rajesh Kumar is an experienced DevOps and cybersecurity professional with over 10 years of industry experience. He has extensive expertise in implementing DevOps practices securely and integrating security into DevOps workflows. Rajesh has conducted numerous training sessions and workshops on DevSecOps for various organizations.


  1. Who should attend this course?
    • This course is suitable for DevOps engineers, security professionals, software developers, and anyone interested in integrating security into DevOps practices.
  2. Are there any prerequisites for this course?
    • Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of DevOps principles and practices, as well as familiarity with common DevOps tools and technologies.
  3. What certification will I receive upon completion?
    • Participants who successfully complete the course and pass the certification exam will be awarded the “Certified DevSecOps Engineer” certification.
  4. Is this course hands-on?
    • Yes, the course includes hands-on exercises and a final project to reinforce learning and practical application of DevSecOps concepts and techniques.
  5. Can I access course materials after completion?
    • Yes, participants will have access to course materials and resources for future reference.

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