Knative Error: Knative Serving with istio fails, net-istio controller is OOMkilled

Root Cause

what would happen with this amount of traffic is the service would scale up, which would remove the activator from the data path (i.e. SKS in serve mode) and send traffic directly to the pod. But because you’ve set max replicas to one, the service can’t scale up and alleviate the pressure.

Potential solution:

There’s a couple of things you can try in this situation:

  • Increasing the limits in the net-istio-controller pod does fix the problem but this is not satisfying enough as size can be unpredictable and may not be acceptable.
  • set “target burst capacity” to 0 so that the activator is only on the path when the app is scaled to zero
  • look into scaling the data plane and/or tweaking the activator cacapity

target burst capacity –


kubectl describe pod -n knative-serving activator-774d4ff4b8-4l5vp | grep Reason
      Reason:       OOMKilled

Check net-istio-controller pod:
$ kubectl get pods -n knative-serving

$ kubectl logs net-istio-controller-8d456687b-hq95g -n knative-serving

$ kubectl get secrets -A | wc -l


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