Datadog error


$ datadog-agent status | grep event
        Check event_example not found in Catalog
        unable to import module 'event_example': unexpected indent (, line 1)
    Traces: 0 payloads, 0 traces, 0 events, 0 bytes


Correct the indent of the python file as below;

file name –

from datadog_checks.base import AgentCheck

__version__ = "1.0.0"

class MyClass(AgentCheck):
        def check(self, instance):
                    "timestamp": time.time(),
                    "event_type": "Error",
                    "msg_title": "Example Event",
                    "msg_text": "This is an example event coming from Datadog.",
                    "alert_type": "error",

Another Error

    event_example (1.0.0)
      Instance ID: event_example:d884b5186b651429 [ERROR]
      Configuration Source: file:/etc/datadog-agent/conf.d/event_example.d/event_example.yaml
      Total Runs: 13
      Metric Samples: Last Run: 0, Total: 0
      Events: Last Run: 0, Total: 0
      Service Checks: Last Run: 0, Total: 0
      Average Execution Time : 4ms
      Last Execution Date : 2022-06-28 08:06:36 EDT / 2022-06-28 12:06:36 UTC (1656417996000)
      Last Successful Execution Date : Never
      Error: name 'time' is not defined
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/opt/datadog-agent/embedded/lib/python3.8/site-packages/datadog_checks/base/checks/", line 1120, in run
        File "/etc/datadog-agent/checks.d/", line 9, in check
          "timestamp": time.time(),
      NameError: name 'time' is not defined

Splunk Error: port is already bound


[root@ip-172-31-19-160 bin]# pwd
[root@ip-172-31-19-160 bin]# ./splunk start --accept-license

Splunk> The Notorious B.I.G. D.A.T.A.

Checking prerequisites...
        Checking mgmt port [8089]: not available
ERROR: mgmt port [8089] - port is already bound.  Splunk needs to use this port.
Would you like to change ports? [y/n]:


Check if port 8089 is used by some other services.

Splunk Error: insufficient privileges

host="EC2AMAZ-7GATALC" | delete

Error in 'delete' command: You have insufficient privileges to delete events.
The search job has failed due to an error. You may be able view the job in the Job Inspector.


 User is not having required permission to delete.

Gitlab error: pwsh”: executable file not found in %PATH%


ERROR: Job failed (system failure): prepare environment: failed to start process: exec: "pwsh": executable file not found in %PATH%. Check for more information


Solution 1: Open a CMD or powershell window and install the newer pwsh.exe:

winget install Microsoft.PowerShell

Solution 2: Edit your config.toml to use the older powershell.exe:


  name = "ci-runner"
  url = "http://xxx.yyy.xx/"
  token = "XXXXX"
  executor = "shell"
  shell = "pwsh"


  name = "ci-runner"
  url = "http://xxx.yyy.xx/"
  token = "XXXXX"
  executor = "shell"
  shell = "powershell"

And then restarting gitlab-runner fixed the issue.

gitlab-runner.exe restart

Read event trigger on image downloading from s3

As at now, S3 doesn’t have object read event trigger. What you may do is to use cloudtrail to track the api call to read object of the s3 bucket and create an alarm to trigger a lambda function.

ex: S3 -> CloudTrail -> CloudWatch Event -> Rule -> Lamdba

Another simple solution would be to allow the object download directly via lambda.

ex: API Gateway -> Lambda -> S3

This will return the lambda output which can be the blob (be aware of the size limit) or preferably pre-signed url for the object.

Dynatrace Error: with Kubernetes


{"level":"info","ts":"2022-06-06T18:40:51.199Z","logger":"dynakube-controller","msg":"problem with token detected","dynakube":"kubernetes","token":"APIToken","msg":"error when querying token on secret dynatrace:kubernetes: error making post request to dynatrace api: Post \"\": remote error: tls: internal error"}
{"level":"info","ts":"2022-06-06T18:40:51.664Z","logger":"dynakube-controller","msg":"problem with token detected","dynakube":"kubernetes","token":"DataIngestToken","msg":"error when querying token on secret dynatrace:kubernetes: error making post request to dynatrace api: Post \"\": remote error: tls: internal error"}

Appdynamics Error – Machine Agent is not starting successfully

I am unable to see message of “Started AppDynamics Machine Agent Successfully”

But process is running

[root@localhost bin]# ps -eaf | grep machine
root 10012 1534 45 04:30 pts/0 00:00:06 /opt/agent/jre/bin/java -Xmx256m -Dlog4j.configuration=file:/opt/agent/conf/logging/log4j.xml -jar /opt/agent/machineagent.jar
root 10053 2034 0 04:30 pts/1 00:00:00 grep –color=auto machine


The issue is fixed now and it seems like I have enabled the sim and after I have disabled the sim field in and started the agent it’s working.