My fav economics and business video games

I have been playing many video games mainly strategic games such as Age of Empire serious, Rise of Nations, Age of methodology, empire earth and many more.
To be honest and precise, I Spent lots of time in it ; today I realized that I have interest towards economics, business and politics. So I should play some games of my choice in it.
I found these games not only serve my purpose of having fun but will teach me something more…

This is a decades-old classic, where players build companies by playing tiles on a board strategically, and buying shares of stock in them. Mergers then happen, making some players richer and others poorer.

Stephenson’s Rocket
This game also features tile-laying, but with a railroad theme. Players expand rail lines and invest in stock. As with many of these terrific games, there are tough choices to be made, no luck, and lots of tension.

This has been compared to Acquire, but is considered more free-wheeling. That may be because, unlike the games above, it includes the rolling of some dice, which adds an element of surprise.

This game involves no stock or investment, but instead is all about trading. Players spend the game negotiating with each other to procure parts of city blocks. Getting good at this game may very well help you in your business dealings, as you learn how to get what you want while compromising.
I’m the Boss: 
This is another deal-making game, where players work both with and against each other in order to come out on top. With the right group of people, such as those who enjoy cut-throat negotiations, this game is a lot of fun.

Buy Low, Sell High


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